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One Redmond City Council Member Makes $12 a Month, and It’s About to Get Worse

Redmond City Hall looks like a contemporary art museum lol Redmond City Hall



They should all get paid ZERO dollars. They’re mostly a waste of money, time and resources.


The mayor is a full time job and needs to be compensated as such. IMO, city councils should be part time and paid the minimum. The less legislation from the elected Karen types the better. Too many of our problems are caused by meddling by them.


Han Han always thinks the tax base is a bottomless pit of money.


It's hard to take this seriously when there are numerous challengers for Renton city council seats every primary. If the pay is truly such a disincentive, why are all these people trying to get the job?


@4 power


The lack of salary for a variety of public service roles is a strong disincentive for many to consider serving their community. Whether the city council positions in the article, or school boards across the state, we are limiting those who can participate in democracy in ways do not serve us well.


EVERYONE, including elected public servants, deserves a living wage. Hell, we should be bumping pay for Jury Duty too.

Beside, while we might not always ‘get what we paid for’ we virtually never get what we don’t pay for.


@8 can you define a “living wage”. I always see progressives use that term but it’s always deliberately vague. As for getting what we pay for money has never been shown to be a motivator for productivity long term. Money is a reward for accomplishments.


Obvs I meant @7


can you define a “living wage”.

it's when you've 'Earned'
enough to Purchase
'our' Lawmakers
make them do
Your Bidding
& to Hell w/

Democracy in
Service to the

Now, that's
what I call,


"Money is a reward for accomplishments."

Exactly what all Trust Fund
progenies tell each other.


if it's
then you
needn't Bother.



See also the Seattle School Board. They oversee $1B operating budget, and deserve more than this half checked out, still need to make a living elsewhere Board of Directors.


Sorry Hannah

This is a ridiculous article and position. Council positions are voluntary and most if not all are people with a paying job.

There is NO need to pay council members more than a token to get there and home.

Besides , having been to many many meetings including Redmond, It's absolutely preposterous to pay people a full salary to SLEEP while sitting on a running council.

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