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Corporate PAC Wrangler Tells Biz Buddies to Back Woo Instead

School Board Director Vivian Song wants a shot at the council's last open spot, but big biz interests are rallying against her. Photo: Courtesy of the Campaign / Design: Anthony Keo



Well now things are in a complete mess for Song because of her residency issues.

There had been rumors when Song ran that she didn't really live in her then-district (school board director districts have been redrawn since that election). But she had a Ballard address so that issue seemed solved. But now it appears that Song moved to Capitol Hill early on after her election. She may have told SPS and the Board but she certainly never told SPS parents, especially those in her district.

She seems to say that she (or her lawyer) asked SPS Legal about her issue and they seemed to say it was okay. (Legally she doesn't have to notify the public but ethically? C'mon.)

But the RCW seems to say that she SHOULD have stated that she wasn't living in her district so as to open up that seat for the November 2023 election. But she didn't and may be sitting in her seat illegally.

So tonight's Board meeting should be quite interesting. Of course, this Board did nothing when two previous directors - Chandra Hampson and Zachary DeWolf - were found to have harassed, intimidated and bullied to senior Black staffers. So if they attack Song tonight, it might be worth asking why they said nothing when an independent investigation found Hampson and DeWolf guilty of HIB. And, some members of this Board have sought to marginalize Song's work (and she's the most active overseer of staff work) so they may indeed go after her.

Also of interest at tonight's Board meeting, one of the SPS teachers at a recent Gaza protest -she appeared to write on the Starbucks Roastery building - is on the speakers list. Her topic? "Staff safety: addressing recent wave of doxxing and intimidation of SPS employees 2. Student safety: growing need for adequate response from SPS to address how ongoing genocide in Gaza is impacting safety of not just staff but students and the need to break the silence in classrooms about what’s happening in Gaza while offering educational resources and space to learn about what’s happening (and has been happening for 75 years) in a meaningful and truthful way"

Grab your popcorn, kids! (SPS board meetings are streamed live on their YouTube channel.)


Song is a liar that got her seat by deceiving (renting an apartment in Ballard because she didnt want to run for school board against Sarju) and playing the system. This is an extreme way to get a school board seat, a seat that does not pay. Maybe she had her eye for city council all along so she could have influence over construction. Her husband is a developer after all…


I love the smell of corporate h8 astroturf in the morning


Does anyone else find this characterization of elections insulting? I don’t care who the “business choice” is, and I take great care to research candidates and issues. When elections are framed as voters being sheep that get tricked into voting for this or that, well that tells me there isn’t basic respect for the common citizen:


The Stranger is all about herding the sheep with false narratives. That seems to be their only purpose these days.


Also I think it’s funny that an endorsement for Ron Davis means Song is a secret hippie or something. Davis does tech consulting and graduated from Harvard, not your standard hippie profile!


It's a damn shame that Linh Thai is getting such short shrift - from the Council members, it seems, and certainly in this report. He is an outstanding candidate, IMO tops in this field. In his 6+ years as Adam Smith's SE Seattle liaison, Linh worked on educational issues, gang member rehabilitation, small business support, and other economic issues. He gained experience in budgeting. He has a military background, and lobbying and advocacy experience on behalf of Vietnamese and East African communities. He was Adam Smith's eyes and ears in the Seattle precincts of the 9th Congressional District. It's hard to imagine any other candidate in this field matching his "street cred." He has ties to both labor and business. I am confident he would "hit the ground running," with very little "learning curve," and would work harmoniously with this Council, or any other.


@7 — there’s an easy explanation. The Stranger hates Adam Smith, therefore anyone who works for him is to be automatically disregarded.


Given the shitshow in a death spiral, SPS is, no one from the Board should be considered qualified to do anything other than run Blockbuster Video, CDNow,, or the KCRHA.


Gawd, this is hilarious:

“Mosqueda is not some fringe leftist. She won her seat in 2021 by almost 20 points while conservatives demolished progressives in the other races, and in 2023 Harrell endorsed her for the King County Council over the more conservative Burien Mayor Sofia Aragon.”

On election night 2021, Mosqueda, an incumbent with a huge war chest, was leading a complete nobody who had spent almost nothing by an anemic three percentage points. Right then, she may well have made her decision to quit the City Council rather than lose her next election there. Mayor Bruce Harrell then eagerly played politics to help her get out of his way.

Does anyone at the Stranger even know how politics actually works?

“So, if the council picks one of two literal cops or Woo, then progressives will have to mount a challenge against that person later this year.”

Because waiting for the incumbent to establish a voting record and behavior pattern in office, then determining based upon that record whether support had been earned or not — that is all what citizens of a democracy might do. The Stranger prefers to behave like the apparatchiks of a one-party state.

“Plus, Woo’s appointment could set up an awkward work environment—Morales and Woo were not exactly making friendship bracelets together during the campaign.”

Yeah, if it got really bad, a situation could develop where one Council Member constantly acted in divisive opposition to the rest of the Council, constantly calling them corporate sellouts and whores, contributing nothing but performative nonsense until her term expired.

I do believe the current Council has some experience in weathering that.


Is the stranger endorsing someone with multiple reaidences in a city where families are sleeping on the street?
What happened to landlords are bad? What happened to conspicuous consumption?


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