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Seattle's New Conservative Council Members Appoint Their Failed Running Mate, Tanya Woo, to Fill Vacancy

In more than thirty years of voting eligibility, Tanya Woo has only voted in three local elections, including the one she failed to win. Now her friends on the new council just promoted her to a citywide position. Photo: Campaign / Design: Anthony Keo



If we’re channeling what the voters/people want, Woo got the most votes of any of those candidates. Filling a vacancy left by an elected official can’t ever be perfect, but the rules were duly created by a democratic process. Godspeed, new council. It’s a tough time to lead.



The DSA sycophants are going to have a rough few years - this should be entertaining


@1 Woo got more votes than people who didn't run, wow great point incredible logic

At least Hollingsworth showed some spine. Hopefully this doesn't mean the cabal primaries her next time around.


I fear Our Dear Hannah has descended into Grayson Hall territory. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.


@4 - A poor man's Eve Arden. Thanks for the memory!


Woo’s appointment also sends an obvious “fuck you” message to Morales and to the progressives she represents

I’m glad to hear the message was received and understood. Now let’s start repairing the damage done by a decade of progressive policies.


It must be exhausting for you to come up with progressively more ridiculous statements in each piece you write. "Promote sprawl"? Seriously? I must have missed those hundreds of empty acres of land out there in the parts of the city you never visit.


I voted for Morales and Tanya Woo, (in different elections) so I see this as great for District 2.
As much as the Stranger is dumping on Tanya Woo, she will have to run as a citywide representative in 1 year, which means a 1 issue campaign is much less likely to work citywide.
But having voted for her, I don’t think she was the best selection, in this case. This just proves the council members are not strategic thinkers.


Woo hoo! Thank you for delivering a big fuck you to Morales and putting a stake in the failed and extreme leftist movement that destroyed Seattle.


@2 you beat me to it. Ha Ha ha Ha Ha Ha. I'm pretty sure hannah is on reddit too and she's easy to see....Lower case name on purpose. The Stranger's main advertising comes from the non profits that dole out the cities money given to them. Except their money is going to the people in charge and The Stranger.


Who on the council is really considered conservative? Please anyone make sense of that.


The Stranger calls a five alarm fire over the fact that the city (with the exception of Morales district) voted for an alternative approach to governing the city. Now they are mad that the city council won’t give the middle finger to those same voters? That Woo happens to live in Morales’ district doesn’t mean the rest of the city doesn’t approve.
But watching poor Hannah and the Stranger melt down over the at least temporary suspension of their glorious revolution is hilarious 😀


Outrage, whine, and victimhood; outrage, whine, and victimhood.... little did we know just how similar the MAGA's and the SA's (terrible acronym btw) would be the same...


@12 -- nobody. They're all liberal Democrats. Calling them conservatives is a flat out lie. My sense is that the constant repetitive dishonest badmouthing of them is part of a broader editorial choice by The Stranger that will eventually lead to them refusing to endorse Biden using the same tactics. Which will of course be a de facto endorsement of Donald Trump.

We'll see. I'm not optimistic.


one can only hope that after years of letting criminals run rampant in d2, black youths racist targetting of asians, and record overdose deaths, woo can help right the district morales has failed so badly, as well the entire city.
morales is trash.


I like how anyone who isn’t ‘progressive’ (whatever that means) is by default, a conservative.
That’s an awfully binary way to look at things.


18: True! It’s like the MAGA folks screaming SOCIALISM!!!! at anything and everything.


I have trouble not guffawing out loud when reading anything written by Hannah. "Conservative" "extremist" "cooperate overloads" Shrill screeching of buzzwords gets exhausting to hear. This council is not conservative - as another commentator noted - they are centrist democrats. The fact that she is hating on anyone less "progressive" than her and her politics makes her an extremist. And Morales is just awful - useless extreme left-winger who can't form consensus and gets nothing done but whine.


It's not Morales vs Woo
They both live in District 2.
Can they make Seattle better?
Or my comments will be cheddah


The Stranger stopped being relevant some time ago, so I guess this increasingly clownish behavior isn't really hurting them. Dead cat can only bounce so many times.


Seems the progressives and the magas aren’t as different as they’d like to believe.


The wheel will turn again, and is already in motion.


@14 Your "morales is trash" comment crosses the line of human decency. When I last had the chance, I voted against Morales (2019). Yet I respect her for stepping up to serve the public. I think she's wrong on some issues, but at least she gives a sh#t. She is not trash.


"one thing is clear: This is a solidly conservative City Council."

This is one the most liberal city governments in the country.


Hannah, you must think your readers are complete morons to believe that the new council is 'conservative'.

We are not that dumb or gullible.

Every single Seattle Council Member is a liberal Democrat.

Teresa Mosqueda abandoned the "progressives" and socialists mission in Seattle for her pure selfish ambition (hardly socialists)

But feeding readers crap to eat, will make us sick and kill The Stranger.


@ 22, completely agree. I can't believe they still have sponsors but then again, so do the Maga folks. Two sides of the same "sky is falling" mentality when things don't go their way.


We're in trouble if Dan Strauss is part of the "progressive" wing of the Council.


"This is a solidly conservative City Council." - Someone who apparently doesn't understand the meaning of the word or the damage an actual genuinely conservative council would do.

Introducing a section called "the work history of the right wing council's staff"

Development Coordinator at Refugee Women’s Alliance
The Peace Corps
UN’s World Food Programme
Early learning and child welfare policy expert
State Senator Reuven Carlyle
Navos Mental Health Solutions
US Rep Pramila Jayapal
U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen
Nevada Conservation League
City of Las Vegas
Director of Government Relations at the Evergreen State College
Senate Majority Leader Sharon Nelson
2012 Marriage Equality Washington
Representative Vandana Slatter
Korean American Coalition
Washington Senate Democratic Caucus
International Press Institute (IPI)
City’s ARTS office
Director of the Port of Seattle’s Office of Social Responsibility
Executive Director of InterIm Community Development Association
City’s Legislative Department


F*cking hell, Hannah. The current Seattle City Council is in no way conservative. This clickbaity, dare I say Faux Nooz style "journalism" sh*t of yours needs to stop.


The Stranger lying and calling liberal Democrats “anti-tax extremists” is pretty rich, given their history of supporting anti-tax extremist Tim Eyman. The Stranger endorsed and celebrated the passage of an Eyman initiative intended to kill light rail.

“Sound Transit: Shaky YearAfter a year like 2002, maybe even diehard Sound Transit chair Ron Sims sees the handwriting on the wall, even if he's way too proud to admit it. For one thing, voters passed Eyman's I-776, despite the opposition of every area newspaper (except The Stranger). If the initiative passes legal muster, it will cut 20 percent of Sound Transit's budget and kill light rail for good.”

How’s the stone throwing going from the glass house?

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