News Feb 6, 2024 at 9:00 am

It Just Doesn't Make Sense to Allow Nudity Around Alcohol but Not Alcohol Around Nudity

Washington is the only state that doesn't allow some kind of alcohol service at strip clubs, a policy that makes workers LESS safe, according to dancers and a state report. Lester Black



Abolish the LCB (we’ll manage just fine without them)


Portland doesn’t have a problem with alcohol in strip clubs, and neither should Seattle.


@2 I doubt Seattle does but this is a state law so you need to get the whole state on board. Given everything going on in a short session this doesn't really seem like a pressing issue.


This is a great example of something that could be put before the citizens for an initiative. The authors would have to be very careful in the writing but if one of the main message is that it would eliminate the liquor tax, even the bible-addled nitwits would be on board (because I think most of them are secret drinkers)


There's a shadow temperance caucus in this state? In Washington state, in the year of our dark lord of 2024? Are you fucking kidding me?! What the fuck do these precious fuddy duddies do in their spare time for fun or to cut loose? Do they work on needle-point Bible passages while drinking room-temperature tap water out of plastic mugs? The mind boggles at the presence of such sticks in the mud having hold of the levers of power in this state.

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