A public-commenter-turned-protester raises a fist in solidarity after police enter council chambers. STREETPHOTOJOURNALISM



Hyperbole much? DSA and their comrades are a joke.


Hannah Krieg citing Hannah Krieg citing Hannah Krieg. Is the weather any warmer up your own ass?


Issues in Tukwila are Tukwila’s and the county’s issues. People who shout down the city council and disturb official proceedings get arrested. Welcome to the new city council that stands on business.


It's so crazy they arrested them just for being political enemies...wait, they were screaming over everyone & trespassing? You'd think they would've charged them with that instea...wait, they did? I have to say, one might get a slightly misleading impression from the headline!


This article literally made me subscribe to the Seattle Times—I’ve gotten by for the years I’ve lived here without it, but this piece finally solidified that I need an actual news source, and I can’t keep pretending I’m getting that here.


Angry mobs disrupting an elected body from doing its business always need to be stopped and the rioters arrested.

Whether the elected body is the Congress of the United States conducting business in the United States Capital, or the Seattle City Council conducting business in Seattle City Hall protests can not be tolerated.

The Seattle City Council has put up with these protests for far too long. It is long past the time to end these demonstrations.

The Stranger and Hannah preach a lot about equality and equity. The Jan 6th protesters at the Capitol building got prison terms that ranged from a couple of days to 22 years. I hope these protesters are treated equally. We can only hope the 6 protesters that were arrested are treated equally.

Whether your an extremist in the Sawant camp or in Trump's--we must deliver equality under the law.


Sara Nelson looks like a dried-up toad and Cathy Moore looks like a Karen who would call the cops on young black men wearing a hoodie inside Starbucks.

That said, I would be pissed if some asshole protesters wanted to go to the Seattle City Council for Tukwila's problems.


Public comment periods at council meetings are bad enough, but this must have been really something.

GBGB dear, aside from the editorial page, which is boomer central (calm down, fellow boomer), the Times is not a bad paper.


Maybe Seattle needs a statute similar to the one Congress has to protect its proceedings:

"Obstructing, influencing, or impeding an official proceeding,"


It’s government hearing - not open-mic night.

Limiting public comment to a set amount of time and to topics on the agenda is the norm in every lawmaking body I can think of in our state - city, county, and the Legislature.

This wasn’t a ‘silencing of political opponents’ - it was enforcing well-established, widely accepted, common sense rules.


Do you really think she has a list of political enemies that she actually looks at and fixates on?


"Bennett, another arrested protester, said he "hates how this country treats immigrants, and that if he were a refugee he'd want people getting arrested for him."

I know Bennett, we are such assholes to these people. We let them into our country completely undocumented, give them a place to stay, free meals, clothes, smartphones and in the case of NY apparently free credit cards. I apologize on the behalf of everyone that we also didn't throw in a free Tesla or 3 bedroom house in Broadmoor for them.


@4: “Screaming Children Put In Time-Out By Adults in Room” was the original headline, but got rejected by the Stranger’s style guide for “being entirely too accurate.” ;-)


“ In their sweeping condemnation of the protesters, the new conservative council, who had to delay their vote to rename a street, demonstrated their intolerance for the kind of democratic participation that was pretty common before COVID-19, and that former socialist Council Member Kshama Sawant once encouraged.”

And what measurable good did all that performative “participation” do in the end? What city policies that are making a positive change in residents lives were created?

In the end, it should be about making other people’s lives better, not making you feel good.


No, it's about performance art, @15.

None of them are serious


Sara Nelson sucks. Hannah's headline sucks more.


@15: All of Sawant’s “pack City Hall” performances existed to drown dissenting voices, whilst manufacturing the illusion of popular support for her policies. It was all just “astroturfing” with fake populist appeal. The Stranger is still falling for it; they are experiencing a long and painful withdrawal from her polarizing performances and disruptive antics.


looks like everyone got what they wanted, except a handful of refugees.


Yay, take them away. The Stranger is a publication of useful idiots.


Even the headline "Police Arrest 6 of Sara Nelson's Political Enemies..." is completely misleading - intentionally, I suspect. Otherwise, the article is completely biased, ignorant of the City Council meeting process, and poorly written. The writer should stick to chanting.


Hearing the concerns of the community is perfectly compatible with enforcing rules of conduct in a public meeting. Otherwise it's just rule by the loudest, i.e. an assholigarchy.

"They chanted over her until she called for a five-minute recess at around 2:37 pm. "
"According to eye-witnesses, six protesters stayed in council chambers against the orders of security. Others gathered outside chambers, yelling and pounding on the windows. "


To the protesters: By all means, invite them into your homes. Take care of them. Put your money where your mouth is. Or after doing so, apply for a grant.


It's going to be a long four years with the fascist Karens running the City Council.


Isn’t dealing with asylum seekers a Federal responsibility? Just asking.


With some actual real life experience, Hannah will someday learn the fallacy of her logic. Six people disrupting city council ( over an issue the council has no control over) does not in fact represent the "community" no matter how you try to spin it in your own head. This willingness to overlook facts and twist oneself in knots defensing positions that are indefensible is right from the MAGA playbook.


Well, gee, imagine if more young people -- especially in District 3 -- hadn't decided not to vote this past election. Then maybe things wouldn't have changed so drastically? Maybe they should spend more time focused on democracy and changing our political system than performative protesting.


Per Wikipedia entry of Horseshoe Theory: In popular discourse, the horseshoe theory asserts that the far-left and the far-right, rather than being at opposite and opposing ends of a linear continuum of the political spectrum, closely resemble each other, analogous to the way that the opposite ends of a horseshoe are close together.

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