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Potential for Militarization at New Lacey Training Center Spurs Concerns

A mock-up of the planned police station and training facility in Lacey, WA. The station is the curved building, and the training facility is the rectangular one in the top left corner. City of Lacey / KMB Architects



On the one hand, it would be fun if it was a cop city because there are few things as entertaining as progressives with their knickers in a twist. (They’re every bit as funny as the MAGAs)
On the other, I don’t see the point of one since so many criminals are let off with little to no consequences.


To the degree that police violence is unfortunately necessary, most would probably prefer it being controlled and professional, so it's easy to see that the constant opposition to training is just based off personal animosity.

"Militarization" is also a nearly meaningless term that seems to mean "I don't like how they look using tactical gear that makes it less likely they will die", rather than police doing anything remotely similar to the military's job.


When you read stuff like this you realize NW progressives don't give one hoot about public safety or improving how the police respond to situations. Their policy is abolition so they will oppose any measure of incremental improvement lest it works against that goal. I'm glad WA voters are realizing this and moving away from candidates that align with the progressives in our area.


Cracking down on "protestors?" Or cracking down on trespassers, vandals and shitty anti-semites?


“…indicating dissonance between the City’s priorities and the public’s.”

Which “public”? Residents of Lacey? Evergreen students?

Also, opening more police training centers has been a priority of… the Legislature and the Governor, if you bother to pay attention:

“ The training center is one of four that are expected to open across the state, and the only one in Eastern Washington. Others are planned for Vancouver, Everett and Bellingham... And he [Inslee] was excited to see that Washington is able to expand its training program across the state.”


Those opposed to the lack of transparency involved here have valid concerns. Too bad they’re going to be ignored by the general public because of the childish, absolutist "No cops; no prisons! Total abolition” rhetoric.


@5 Beat me to it. But I can correct.

" indicating dissonance between the City’s priorities and The Strangers, along with a small but vocal abolitionist minority"..


Every state is going to have its own cop city. TRILLIONS of dollars are already spent on cops. Cops don't prevent or solve crime. They commit crime, they cover up crime, they ignore crime (of their choosing) and they jam people up pretending they are criminals when they are not.

This violence obsessed country is going to be ruled by cops, the military, and religious zealots - all in the name of making sure the obscenely wealthy stay wealthy and protected from everyone else at all costs.

People have been screaming about the state of this country for over a century (extremely conservative estimate, more like centuries). No one has listened. No one is listening. No one cares. The only thing that matters in this country is money and protecting that money/property at all costs. Human life means nothing.

Americans want to be ruled by fascists. They keep voting for those most eager to implement fascism - over and over and over - and have for nearly 100 years now (with the occasional, possible anomaly). And even the so-called democrats, liberals, and progressives in our government (at every level) do nothing to stop it, because they really don't give a fuck either.

Why are people always surprised when they get exactly what they've been asking for? Cops cops cops and more cops. By the time cops are gunning down white people the way they gun down Black people, it will be too late. 2020 was ignored. 1968 was ignored. Etc.

The Zionists (including the 10 million Christian Zionists in the U.S.) want The United States run like Israel and they're gonna get exactly what they want, eventually (and sooner rather than later). They've got a start - the corrupt, criminal, and illegitimate SCOTUS is burning the Constitution as fast as they possibly can. Women exist solely to breed. All non-white people exist solely to serve the white people* (the WEALTHY white people). All poor people (even the white ones!) exist solely to serve the WEALTHY white people.

If they don't already, Americans will at some point see they are living in a violent, occupied, apartheid state (just like they always have been). The illusion has been destroyed, but as they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.


The far left and the far right are identical, Part 1,000,000…

Left wingers: “police need more training! We need them to have a better understanding on a variety of different issues.”
Local government: “ok great. We’re going to build a training center to do that. Do you support funding it?”
Left wingers: “absolutely not! No more funding!”

Right wingers: “we need more cops! Crime is out of control.”
Local government: “ok great. We’re going to propose a tax measure to pay for it. Do you support funding it?”
Right wingers: “absolutely not! No more funding!”

Right wingers and left wingers: “let’s do everything in our power to make sure Donald Trump gets elected President again!”


Every one of you who comes in here to hate-read The Stranger and leave what I assume you think to be witty comments are the absolute most pathetic form of life on the Internet. Go back to guzzling Fox News like the addicts and blowing Bruce Harrell under his desk. Losers, one and all (except xina), and stupid ones at that. Not a funny one in the bunch.

And before you say anything, no, me coming in here to admonish you will never make me as pathetic as any of you. I will never even contain even a fraction of the pathetic lickspittle energy that the commentariat here exudes with every sentence they (poorly) compose. I'd tell you all to grow up, but you're probably all older than me and thus FAR more pathetic as a result.


@11 "People who have different opinions than me are actually mad and stupid and I'm younger than them probably and I'M NOT MAD!!"


@11: "Every one of you who comes in here to hate-read The Stranger and leave what I assume you think to be witty comments are the absolute most pathetic form of life on the Internet."

Sorry. We aren't going to allow poorly concieved oinions stand uncontested to become the basis of astro-turfing campaigns. You and Kylin can speak your mind. That's your right. But others have an equal right (some would say duty) to voice their disagreements. Just to provide a counterweight to a dangerous form of faux populism.



You are a deeply tedious person with no original thoughts or insights. For the sake of the rest of the world, please throw your phone (and computer) into the ocean. No one thinks you're clever or smart, and this comment is a perfect indication of the intellectually-hollow cavern between your ears. You couldn't have illustrated it better for everyone.


No one here who reads your opinions is going to have their mind changed, you're just doing this so you can feel smug and smarter about yourself. Oh boy, you sure showed those folks who pushed back against the conservative commentariart! That'll send that brat scrambling back to his internet hole with his tail between his legs! By jove you've done it again!

That was sarcasm (shocking!). You haven't accomplished anything other than showing what a simp you are for the boot on your neck. Enjoy the taste of polished leather as it crushes your skull, chump. You and your ilk richly deserve all the misery you get from it.


@14 Yes, yes, I'm so stupid and you're the really smart one who isn't mad at all. Sort of a rephrasing of your last one. Talk about persuading people with commentry!


@14: So, nothing to add to the discussion about Cop City then? Much like @11.


@15 Fuck cop city and the police in general. Lacey shouldn't be using public resources for this shit without proper public input, which they haven't. Shame on every elected official for skirting the public interest in favor of further equipping our resident fascist militias with better tools for suppressing civil rights. Good enough for you? If not, too fucking bad.


@17 — thank you for your comment (which was bad) explaining your opinion (which was also bad) regarding the substantive issues outlined in this article rather than your original meta commentary poking fun at other commenters. I certainly can understand why you’d lead with mockery rather than substance when your substance is objectively incorrect and subjectively terrible.

The city properly solicited public input (you’re just mad the vast majority of people didn’t have the same opinion as you), the training center is in the public’s interest (training cops is good), police departments aren’t fascist militias (that’s Donald Trump supporters that people like you are trying to empower by doing everything you can to get Trump elected), and the training center won’t be used to provide better tools to suppress civil rights (that’s illegal which means your claim is just a complete crock of shit).

Better luck next time. Enjoy your weekend.

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