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Witness Who Filmed Officers Called the Force “Excessive”

Service. Pride. Bonking. LESTER BLACK



@1/2 I think you both know that Ashley and TS have no desire to actually look into this further unless it comes out (hopefully there is bodycam footage) that SPD overreacted to the situation. If it turns out the arson suspect was resisting arrest and they were using appropriate force this story will quietly go away and not be mentioned again.


@4 — it’ll be Oscar Perez-Giron all over again. He was shot and killed by a King County Sheriff’s Deputy at a Sound Transit station in Rainier Valley. The Stranger posted two articles about it doing everything they could to make it look like it was a bad shooting. When they surveillance video was released that showed Perez-Giron (who was a convicted felon and therefore barred from possessing firearms) pulling a gun from his waistband and pointing it at the Deputy’s head before the Deputy shot, The Stranger memory-holed the entire thing and pretended that their initial articles had never been written, never revisiting the incident again.


This is never a good look for SPD but we didn't see what happened beforehand and if this piece of shit was buring buildings then fuck him. He had it coming. Seattle needs to stop sticking up for these pieces of shit.


@2 "Subjects that never get injured, are subjects that put their hands behind their back and stand or lay passively until officers complete that."

Google Daniel Shaver


Or Oscar Grant.


He was trying to set fire to an apt building. What about the other tenants still living there? I'm sure this guy is disgusting and they have a basis for believing he's potentially dangerous, but if he's not armed besides matches, it seems like they could have restrained him and gotten him into handcuffs without the rest. Still, someone experienced in this kind of thing would have to evaluate. I've never had to do it myself.


@10 People need to consider that it's (basically) attempted mass murder, trying to set fire to an apt building. Maybe children and elderly inside.


I am really curious what you all imagined could have occurred before this to justify two grown men repeatedly beat him with batons before kneeling on his neck?

Was he waving around an axe or some other kind of melee weapon while wearing was some sort of armor?

He did not make any sort of serious attempt to burn down the house (holding a lighter to the porch?!! Have none of you tried to start a campfire?).

Once again the bootlickers ride to the defense of their bullies desperately worried that for once they might face the consequences of their choices.

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