News Jun 18, 2024 at 10:31 am

Seattle Librarians Slog Through Cyber Attack Fallout

Dark days at The Seattle Public Library. Charlie Lahud-Zahner



Thanks so much for writing up on this. Other than the splashy “ransomware event” headline shortly after it all went down, I haven’t seen much what the day-to-day reality for SPL looks like. Good coverage.


Your article was a much needed reality check re the extent of the problem. Some transparency from spl would be more reassuring than the PR releases which minimize the problem. It's strange that they're saying it's just a few functions that are down. When that's obviously not the case.


Thank you to the author for this good piece of journalism. Stranger editorial staff, please take note that I am very appreciative of real journalism like this. The many opinion pieces you publish are not nearly as entertaining or interesting to me as this kind of hard news. This is what I want out of an alternative and independent news source.


On the plus side:
This could possibly generate new job opportunities for people who lost their jobs through "automation". Unfortunately, they will have to go through job training, to learn how to write with pencil and paper, how to alphabetize and file physical pieces of paper, and now to use physical pencil sharpeners. They might even have to take classes in how to replace "refill cartridges" in ball-point pens.

This is looking like the exact opposite of what happened in the 80's, when worker-bees were given "word processor" software on their desks, and millions of secretaries lost their jobs.


I love that when the PR person tried to deny access to you, you got right on the story. SPL is trying to shut the barn door after the horses have escaped. Which means the reality is really bad news.The librarian who gave me substantive info, (not just "therapy") made it clear he wasn't supposed to say anything about the actual situation.

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