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Piecora's Pizza Opens Church in Dining Room


you have the wrong info about the danny. He didnt start piecoras pizza. His brother did. Angelo Piecora.
I love this because its good for teens to read
Thats actually correct Angelo started Piecoras Pizzeria.
This is Angelo ,I here you loud.Dan is ashit Im waiting for the judgement day for him.I openened the pizza place and he fucked up everyonnes recipe incl the pizza.Amen
I hope you all cansee the reality of the fake.
Some peoplr are made of plastic and some are made of wood.You can guess the rest.
Amy, I think your very perceptive to life and truth. truck on!
Unfortunately, when seeing stories like this, it reminds me of "Mars Hill" which I have never been to, but after talking with more than a few members has me thinking "Christianity as a Cult".

What is this fascination with trying to start "hip young" churches? The young, whether they are hip or not, as a general rule are more impressionable, and vulnerable to "group think" than the population at large. They are also vulnerable to charismatic figures. Jim Jones, anyone?

I am extremely disappointed that the place that I consider to be the best pizza+beer combo on the hill is being used to lure youth into the kind of soul sucking mindset that is charismatic fundamentalist christianity.
I thought seattle, and the whole capital hill vibe was about being open to anything. but when it comes to anything spiritual people start getting upset about it. People dogging piecoras for truly being open to EVERYTHING is totally contradictory. why waste your time putting others down. Blart, i dont know what your deal is. Is someone at the door preaching in your face? no. Its only open on sundays to those who need food or want to listen in. theres nothing pressuring you, no one is "sucking your soul away" stop being so dramatic. Piecoars is nothing like Mars Hill. Even so who cares what others are doing with thier time. what is truly so horrible about people being into thier church. they arent commiting crimes. get over it.
Keep reaching others Bud F Kolstad. From an old friend