The Experience Music Project is a flop on all fronts--financial, musical, and intellectual.


OK, I'll start with a little bit of self-identification, I AM a musician (guitar, Geezer Rock and Blues), of a certain age that most of the exhibits at EMP would appeal to, and although I'm not from the Seattle area I have connections there and visit often. I didn't see a singe exhibit there this past week that wasn't fascinating to me. I especially loved the history of the electric guitar and the magnificent sculpture "If VI Were IX, Roots and Branches", finding a thrill in locating an example of the guitar in my stable that is my favorite, and extremely rare Ovation Breadwinner, their debut into the realm of solid-body electrics and the very first production solid-body electric guitar with active electronics. The friend I was visiting and I jammed with each other in the Sound Lab. I couldn't muster much interest in the air guitar section for obvious reasons, but I can certainly see how it would appeal to non-musicians. Barnett seems to be trying to find things to find fault with the EMP, although I tend to agree about its outside appearance, especially the comparison to an airplane wreck, but hey, every city has its eyesore ode to art.