All the Rage

Islamic Fundamentalists Don't Just Have a Problem with Cartoons, They Have a Problem with Freedom


I know that when it comes to this subject the following quotes is bound to come up. I know its cliche but it wouldnt keep happening if it wasnt true.

"Those that would give up essential liberty for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

- Benjamin Franklin

Like many religons or movments that try to supress human freedom it is only a matter of time befor it dies out. The more you tell people they cant do this or that the more people will find a way to do those things.
Thank you for reposting this. A religion that becomes rigid and cannot be challenged because its fools fear it will crack will eventually be cracked to pieces, as it should be. Fundamentalist Muslims have real reason to be afraid. Not of persecution, but of being so wrong. America is a plural nation; we have to tolerate a certain level of foreign assholes, and they have to fully respect our civil liberties, but there is no reason why Scandinavian countries need to be so tolerant. Scandinavians are entitled to their traditions and culture just like the Saudis. They are Vikings and Vikings can be brutal. They should tell the outsider fundies to shut the fuck up and show some respect or send them back to the land of their perverted prophet with a considerable amount of force.
Three years later, it's all still accurate.

Progressive politicos tend to be apologists when it comes to the past crimes of the West (READ: White people). This isn't particularly wrong. But it is inappropriate when it interferes with civil liberties and human rights.
those crazy muslums are off the hook.. daddy-o! theres no logic in their wacky-wigs and mixed up twisted beliefs.
They are bloody all the same,its not that just their religion is bad,and people should be treated individually, and its high time really,something needs to be done. its not wrong that they can take over one day,seeing the way they breed like dogs. i wish something could be done. its high time.
Thank god! This article actually has some balls! Unlike most of toady's liberals, who melt with self-depreciating comments about how Muslim rage is a by-product of something we did wrong...
It certainly is because we did something, things like allowing women to go to school and no stoning to death homosexuals or those who convert from Islam...
They hate us because we are not insane, like they are... I don't like the term 'evil', but if the term ever applied, it applies to militant Islam.

Can us 'liberals' start to fight a bit for those rights we enjoy, that were made fashionable by the Enlightenment, but are in constant danger of being rolled back by the forces of despotism, (theocratic or otherwise).
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I would argue most people don't truly believes in "freedom", France prosecuted a paper for making a cartoon making fun of Jews. In some European countries you can be jailed for denying the holocaust. In the US Christians have been jailed/fined for not baking gay wedding cakes. Point even people who claim to believe in freedom you can find something they would support banning.