Auto Immune

Light rail should've made MLK walkable. Instead, It’s As Car-Oriented As Ever.


MLK is as dangerous now as it was during construction. Never mind that it's a visual clusterfuck of businesses I'd never patronize (I don't need that shit), but cars treat it as a mini-freeway and now there are no-left turns where there had been before. I'm MOSTLY a bus person and one night I was waiting downtown for a 32 or a 36 and this blind man said he was standing by waiting for a 48. Right there I wish I'd had my car with me so I could have given him a lift home - a sighted person takes their life into their own hands walking down MLK. I was pretty scared for this guy, not being able to see, walking down the mess that is MLK.
Funny... the 48 goes nowhere near downtown. Hope that guy got home.
Maybe it was the 42 then - it started with a four!