Just Take a Stand!

Council Prioritizes Making Everybody Like Them


Rent control. That's all they have to do.
good point and it applies to the county council even more. the boldest thing they ever propose is a task force. I wish you would cover them more. nobody's been keeping an eye on them (what they do at work, at least) since neil modie retired. sure there is budget scrutiny in the fall but what about showing up for work the rest of the year and designing some policy proposals rather than just reacting to the (generally lousy) ones that come over from the executive?
A sorry bunch, them and Mayor N. Gang violence has killed several kids and their solution to a problem that has been simmering for more than a year is to pretend they don't see it, that is until it spills out of the city limits and into a crowded mall and TV cameras record it for all to see. Can't get to your job because of the snow? TFB. Instead of making blah-blah at their meetings and chasing their "world class" dreams, they should be attending to the nuts and bolts of running the city, identifying and resolving its problems. These guys are hired to govern, instead they just sit around and react when stuff happens or doesn't. And they do it badly.
It is so lucky that you get to work at the Stranger when you can write whatever the hell you want. Kudos. In seriousness, I'd love to take these easy punches at the city council.

A harder punch is to write about how they're freaking wasting time and there is little regional leadership. Our community seems loaded up with mild politicians. It must be the tofu.

How about a little indepth reporting about City Council and King County Council members wasting time kissing babies, at least little old ladies, at the Sons of Norway halls. We're getting a light rail to the Husky Stadium so our athletes can get to Bell town faster on Friday night, in 2018. China is building a bullet train from Shanghai to Beijing and 50 other cities, while we're wondering what kind of tea to order sitting on our bus stuck in traffic.

Okay, I guess I can slug some easy punches too.

Sean Howell.
More ECB editorializing in a 'news' post.... "sad" fun forest and "sadder little arena" ....

This is the kind of "journalism" that got the PI... oh, wait...