Sick or Swim

Is King County Ready for Pandemic Flu?


You found the sweet spot (or the weak spot) in the issue of local preparedness! We'd be pretty much screwed if the virus hits the fan.

But we're better off than most! King County is one of the most sophisticated, well-prepared jurisdictions in the country, trailing only New York City. The various agencies have been planning and talking together for at least 3 years.

We just don't have the money to execute the plan, but no one does.

Readers: Google "king county pandemic flu", go to the county's web site, and download the 8-page "Pandemic Flu Planning Guide." Best thing in the country, really!
There have only been 8 confirmed deaths. 7 in mexico, 1 in the US (a child from Mexico). The other 140-some haven't been confirmed.…
eh? we can't even clear snow off our streets! WERE DOOMED!
How come WHO's confirmed case count is different than CDC?
"Decimated" means "reduced by 10%".…)
Mexico is really on a roll right now. Between the pig flu and the drug cartels, they are leading the world in shitty behavior.

I heard Mexico's President is considering a trade with Somalia. They're willing to give up next year's number one draft pick for the rights to international piracy.
yeah jf, mexico is definitely on shitty behavior. but wait, did they spend the last few years destroying the middle east, killing innocents, or torturing unarmed political prisoners? and the u.s. has never had drug related crime, right? no gang violence, and never a shitty president. get a fucking clue.
Co-worker of mine has the swine flu (presumptive). We now get to do the 3-4 day incubation period to see if anyone else here get it. Ugg.
The hipsters did this.
jf...bdb is have no clue. is more complex...beyond your comprengention. Is obvious that you watch too much tv.
Sounds like the same article that ran a while back, with the word "swine" in place of "bird." Give it a few months to fizzle out, then watch for the next "imminent pandemic." How about cow flu?
No it is not, especially King County Public Health. Thanks to jerk middle managers & bean counters who would rather preserve teh jobs of - surprise! - management than the many dedicated line staff who will be needed. And to Tim Eyeman for decimating the budget. Hope he dies 1st!
tragic the way our Jewish media has been running with the completely fabricated flu propaganda. This is obvioulsy a show of force by the Zionist occupation government to show Obama exactly what power he doesnt have.
That NYC airplane trick was of the same vein. To show Obama how little control he has.
Dont be fooled by these CFR Zionist shitsuckers America.
first up, why sling so many stones? what's obvious to me is that people are externalizing anger here. but this isn't a discussion of tortured POWs (nothing we can do about that now but keep watch in the future) and certainly not an issue of clearly not spell checking; this is an issue that deals with the health of our city, the literal physical health of the people around us.

this is an opportunity for us to truly make positive changes in our communities, relearn skills we've lost due to the convenience of national-level medicine and most of all nurture one another. why we aren't using the natural medicine community for this- starting medicinal herb gardens, teaching people how to use folk remedies and re-patriating medicine into the hands of we seattlites- is a very good question to ask. with Bastyr University in the neighborhood and the highest proportion of alternative health-care providers in the nation there is no reason we need to fear these things. a perfect example of this can be found in the herbalism of Samuel Thomson whose system of herbalism proved incredibly more efficient at treating any number of flu outbreaks in the mid to late 1800s than tradition physician's practices.

while there are many problems this is something that we can do to make a low cost solution: starting herb gardens and preparing people for the next pandemic with the knowledge they need to fight off viruses with not only tradtional medicines like Tamiflu but also time-tested herbal remedies like elderflowers and yarrow.