Representation Without Taxation

A Carpetbagging, Tax-Evading Homophobe Chases Washington Dollars


First, you win the title of the month award, lol!

Second, I thought bills had to be signed within 5 days of delivery to the governor. How can she have until May 19th? The more I think I know about procedural nooks and crannies, the more of them I become aware of...
Lurleen -- State law provides the governor twenty days after the last day of the legislative session (not counting Sundays) to sign bills that were transmitted by the legislature in the last five days of the session. The session ended April 26, which gives Gregoire until May 19.
Dominic: Who did the UW study?
Wow, this reminds me of Lon Mabon's attempts to restrict the rights of GLBT people in Washington 15 years ago.