Last Gasp

Conservatives Opposed to the Domestic-Partnership Bill Make It Official


And the first thing one does is raise money to mount a winning campaign. So in addition to promising not to sign Referendum 71 Petitions and asking every one you know not to sign, Please make a contribution to the ERW PAC.…

Tomorrow ERW and other groups will launch an online decline to sighn campaign and ofcourse there is already FaceBook page thanks to our Join the Impact allies.

Please remember we do not want this referendum to get on the ballot, but if it does we will need to VOTE YES to retain the domestic partnership law.
we will try to remember
"So, I met up with a friend I used to work with who was laid off by ERW [recently]. He was actually XXXXX's direct supervisor until that point, a Field Organizer. We talked for several hours and he just totally went off on ERW top-down organizing style.

Part of his job was to try and organize things with smaller groups around the state. He told me that the problem is that ERW continually fucks people over because they're only really concerned with where the money is coming from, though they put up a front that they want to help the community. As an effect, he said that he'd have people from these different community groups calling him all the time cussing him out because ERW would last minute decide that plans with a certain group weren't profitable, and would just get the order to ditch out on them. He said that it felt like 80% of the groups they would work with would be so angry at them, because they were really only worried about the most profitable 20%: the big donaters.

He also said that he felt bad for the people that worked there because they're massively overworked and underpaid, working on average 60 hours a week, and more during big events. The bosses don't listen to the suggestions of any of the volunteers, but give orders to them based upon the wants of those with the dollars."

Keep on begging for our money, Josh, and not caring what real life queers think.