Running Their Mouths

What I Learned at the Candidates' Debate


geez Erica, you boozing petty thief - stop slandering people.

NIMBY? please explain
Rusty Williams really reminds me of a game show host. He'd drive me crazy as a city council member, but he's definitely entertaining at never ending candidate forums.
So Erica, were any of them actually intelligent and thoughtful enough to actually be on City Council? I got the "lack of charisma" bit around the end of the first sentence, but i'd like to know if any of the people willing to put themselves up to get egg thrown at them are competent enough to run the city.
Erica, what are your comments on the only African American Candidate, Bobby Forch? And isn't McIver's slot traditionally the spot held by an African American?
I like reading the Stranger because it throws in opinion and sarcasm, but it's only interesting if you really mention the issues.

No run-down on what was said? Some of us vote based on issues, not fashion choice.

(Ok, I lie, we just follow the the SECB's advice.)

But next time, some of the issues... please?
Erica, you're such a super lady! A few moments in a room, and you've, like, parsed the souls of these sad dickheads and figured out that they're all so much more vacant than you are! I so like that! Rock ON so very hard, ma soeur, because while your job is lonely and graced by few plaudits, someone really must pin on the badge of Culture Cop and call bullshit on what we do not like at all.
An entire article sneering at how inarticulate the candidates are. Boy oh boy! How useful for me in deciding who deserves my vote!

Does deprecating other people make you feel satisfied with yourself? I hope not. You're a better writer than this. Try again.
Very entertaining but lacking substance
How alternative of you
Bloom wore a sports jacket, not a suit. Suits have matching pants and coat. Bloom's jacket had a red tint. It looked OK. I asked him about it the next week; it was Blass, not JC Penny's. How about Conlin? How many polyester/pile/fleece vests does he have?