Gun Fights, Machetes, and Murder

Community Centers Are Funded By the City and Supposed to Be Safe. Instead, they're Becoming Hubs for Crime.


Well, if your "community" has a bunch of thugs in it, then the "community center" is likely to have some thuggish issues at times. And soon, the "thug-adverse" members of your community don't want to go to the community center so much.
I agree, with tiktok. If this doesn't change you may as well close down the community center: the thugs have taken it over.
busta cap in yo ass!
Hmm, you start a community center to get thugs off the street and you are surprised that they aren't INSTANTLY no longer thugs. Guess you are right, let's give up.

OR, let's NOT give up because some bad things have happened and keep at it until we get the rest of the kids off the streets and away from their guns and gangs and into community centers.

The fact that these kids are "at risk" is the reason to keep at it, NOT the reason to give up.
hahaha! you idealistic white guilt liberals are so naive!!!, google "america's most dangerous cities", read about them, see if you can identify the common denominator
Yes me too as well I agree!
Todd DiRoberto…
I'd really like to know where these kids are getting fire arms. I've recently developed a sporting interest in pistols and the gun range (for non thug purposes) and have found guns to be expensive, like $500 to $800 for what I've got my eyes on.

Maybe we need to take the focus off of community and start to look for the sources of these weapons. It won't stop the bullying but gun crime would be down.
jacknifed - They're getting the guns from people like you. When your house is robbed, or your car rifled, they steal your unsecured guns. Despite the belief of gun owners that some day they will have a showdown, in their PJ's, and prevail over an aggressive intruder, what will actually happen is this: they will go to work, while they're gone their house or car will be burgled, and the rest of us will be all the less safe because you felt the need to not only buy, but improperly store, guns. Thanks, neighbor!