Dino Rossi's Unemployment Line

What the Senate Wannabe's Latest Attack on Patty Murray Gets Wrong


Come on Dino, get it together man.
Ask Dino if he supports cutting the defense budget in Afghanistan and Iraq to help offset the extension of the unemployment benefits. Its time to take care of our U.S. citizens first!
Dino is a gangster. He can't wait to come to the party and suck money from the corruption machine known as Wall Street. This guy is all about self aggrandizement and greed.

Not a kind of person we need in a leadership spot. He would sell us all out to Haliburton. If he's elected he will turn the Columbia into the Mississippi.

Trash begets trash.
Very interesting post. Thanks again.. Please Keep it Up!!
Can we just get ONE politician who wishes to help the community, not there wallet?
Someone please tell me what is it that the Republicans did for Americans during the 8 frigging years that they were in charge?