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Bar Owner Says He's Been Singled Out; City Says Waid's Has Crossed the Line


Wow, bummer. Waid is a warm, friendly, pleasant guy, and the food there tastes amazing. I hope he can find a way to stay in business (and stop serving booze to 19-year-olds).
The food is overpriced and dry, and Waid seems to be so perpetually stoned that he constantly double books his space.
this guy is sketchy...
Yeah, I dunno, he may be the warmest dude ever, but multiple times I've walked past there and seen a bunch of girls that deffffff look around 19 smoking outside. And while I have no problem with 19 year olds drinking, them's kind of the rules with the WSLCB right now.

That said, I've always wanted to go there, so this makes me pretty sad.
I've been to a bunch of great events at Waid's. That place is a bright spot on a corner that is otherwise popular with the bad energy thug crowd. It's a great space with a cool patio for hanging outdoor. Energy has been nothing but wonderful.

Waid's being blamed for an existing problem, when the city should be thankful to him. A friend and I almost got jacked by a couple of teen thugs as we were waiting for a cab. We escaped by running back to Waid's - thugs did not follow.

That place is the solution, not the problem.
Isn't Haitian just hip-hop slang for BLACK? John Diaz minority crackdown activate!!!!!!
Waids has Russian karaoke nights regularly too. It's not what many people think, it's not like Thompsons at 23rd and Union, not even close. Do those American born black street thugs and drug addicts really have anything in common with Hatians? having the same skin color doesn't make people the same. But I understand why places like Waid's confuse many in not very multicultural Seattle.
Waids is a great establishment. Waid himself is very kind, and very hospitable. The times i have been there, there was never any trouble, and the bar was sectioned off with the majority of the establishment catering to 21 and under crowd, while the 21+ group had to stay within 15 feet of the bar. I agree that the neighborhood is likely a bigger issue than the bar itself.
@sarahloyd I look 19 and Im 24, While my friend whos asian can pass as a 12 year old at the movies and shes 25. You cannot judge people by "views" and the problem isnt the bars. The problem is the Fake Ids and the disrespect minors have for the laws. Everybody wants to chastize the owners of these bars but its not fair. They didn't raise these children.
@mikey, Its not just blacks. And I dont want to be rude, its not just for Hatians. The issue is people dont take the time to realize that wheres theres drinks there is potentinal for fighting. He is being singled out. Point blank. If not they would have shut Tabellas, the cha cha and trinity down. And studio 7.
I will defend this man til the end and I dont even know him that well. However I have spent plenty of time in his space and when a friend was pick pocketed he intervened in what could have been an altercation and gave money out of his own pocket to rectify the situation... it didnt end there as he took them in the back and spoke of peace, love and forgiveness... since when is a bar owner responsible for the actions of others outside of his establishment?? How about putting more time money and energy into cleaning up the area and letting people know what wont be tolerated... do you think that crime ends with his bar...criminals will just do crime at the next place. -Infinite
I am going to tell you a story that will be very hard to believe but please know this it is the truth!!!!
On april 27th we had our annual "petting zoo" event.@Waidshouseoflove Now keep in mind we are a lifestyle group.( swingers) So here you have all kinds of sexy women kissing other women. It is a utopia for flirting. NO SEX! That is for the hotel later.
My girl and I are both very much social butterflies in fact she never stays in one place more than 3 min if your lucky.
She started to put on the charm with the bartender. ( short black guy very long dreads and a sweet young boy smile. ) She was having fun but I still gave her the safety warning. NO back alleys or hallways stay with the large group. There is well over 200 hundred of us in that small place so you can loose someone quick!
She popped her head up know a again to say hi and brag about the free drink she got from the bartender. It was a red drink it looked good so she gave it me, then off she went. I figure each time she got one of those drinks she had to brag so I saw her with about 4 including the one she gave me. I didn't drink much. Our combined bill was only $22. I was getting nervous as the bar got so crowded I couldn't see her anywhere. When I found her I said stay where I can see her so I know you are ok. That was the last thing I told her before I found myself looking for her again. There was so many people I recruited a friend to help in my search. After about 30min of looking the fear of what happened to her became overwhelming. my friend and I stared to panic. Then there she was in the hall way at the bottom of the stairs. She had this look I have never seen and it scared the HELL out of me. It was like she was there but her mind was some where else. The trembling of her voice as she kept repeating " I guess NO doesn't really mean NO!!
WHAT?!?!?!? WHO?!?!?! Waid she said WAID!!! He bent her over pulled down her panties and had his way with her.
Can you for one second process how she felt?
She was so scared and I was enraged!!!! The girls pleaded with me not to take action. Right then with my heart pounding out of my chest full of anger I began to sweet like I just came out of a pool. After that I began to feel very confused. Could have been panic maybe a drug? We needed to leave. Call the police? she wasn't having it. Her not doing anything began to anger me. How could she let that happen to her? I don't get how she didn't remeber anything but looking at some bottles collection then getting bent over. She said she thought there was other people going with her. Was she lying because I was mad she disappeared? Waid is a saint? How could this be. It took me a few day to piece the night back together. When I finally did it all made sense.
The bartender sets the Mark. Finds a girl that is not with anyone ( I found out he was asking if she was with someone and she told him she was with everyone) after that the charm starts rolling with free drinks off the side under the counter already made. (The red one) They had to be drugged because there is no other explanation to why she lost so much memory. I drank one of them also and later that night I remember very little Plus what was with the sweeting like I got out of a pool? We didn't drink enough to black out the only logical explanation has to be drugs. (I still have my bar receipt)
So after the bartender see's she is ready he escorts her to Waid. Then he has way with her. After he is done he sends her back like she was just the play toy for the night. Knowing that it is a swinger party and even if she had any memory of it he had the perfect alibi! After all she can't remember details. In fact she was scared that she did something to lead him on. RAPE is RAPE!! When you say NO that means NO!
I know this is hard to believe but it is the truth. My girl and I are not like other couples we are swingers we have sex with other people all the time no big deal.. However we have respect and friendships. We don't drug our girls fuck them and send them on there way.
Sorry I'm still really upset. Waid is a pillar of the community everything about him sparkles and shines. I have always thought he was a great guy! This was not easy to swallow. So you can imagine how hard it is for us.
My girl is not the same she is jumpy and around friends that usually touch her she gets kind scared look in her face. He ruined my sweat trusting girl.
So her and I at a cook off with some friends a week later with everything still haunting us. I tried to cancel but she wants to get on with our life and I want justice!
My girl kind of freaked out when a fiend grabber her wrist and put it behind her back. He was just playing like we always do but she stormed off crying. I was sworn not to tell anyone. After that how could I not explain? I decide to tell a couple that has been going to Waid's from the beginning. I didn't even have to finish the story before my friend knew it was Waid.
Oh ya he said. There has been lost of rumors but no one was sure it happened they wake up thinking it was a dream. Thats why it was a rumor. Well it was not a dream it is a nightmare. Now I know I was right! there are others!
If you looked at my girl and she told you what happened from her own lips you would cry yourself to sleep every night like I do.
I need your help! He is hurting innocent women and has got it down to a science. How many others before he gets caught? How many before my girl? There is no way the police could prosecute on the evidence we have. It is to thin and would not hold up. Plus it would hurt us to come forward. Our lifestyle is private and you know that would be the defense. So what I'm hoping you can do? Help me find the others.
Anyone could respond to this that knows Waid and tell me I'm full of Shit. I would have been just like that. I could have never imagined the man of love to act this was. I also know my girl if she fucked up and it went to far with him and he got the wrong idea. It would be no harm no foul we are easy that way. This is not the case!

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