Honorary Political Genius: Tim Harris and Real Change

For Turning Seattle's Scapegoats into an Unassailable Political Powerhouse (While Growing a Newspaper as Other Newspapers Are Dying)


Dom, this is really well-written.
Tim, I'm so glad to see your work getting some belated attention from my favorite rag here. Rock on, hang tough and keep your back to the wall with the johnny-come-latelies starting to come around you right now. I know you'll use them for Real Change's purposes, no matter how they tempt you the other way round.
He is, and he should run for city council 2011. He is one of the most smartest progressive advocate i have ever encounter. He is a man of principle, and really smart.
He cares people

Yusuf Cabdi
Tim is smart, he should run for city council in 2011. This is a man we need to be in the council chamber. Don't under-estimate him. He is smart and a very capibale man who is not afraid to tell the truth. He is the voice of the real progressive wing in Seattle, and has more support than you my imagine. He is the juses of the progressive movement in Seattle.
Hari Khrishna Hari Tim Harris
No better recipient for this award! I am thankful to have heard Tim speak about some of the many political issues of homelessness. Perhaps the recognition will shed a spotlight on the unfortunate criminalization of poverty that is ever so present in our community.
Bravo!!!....I've been reading your paper since back when Marion Sue Fisher first started publishing her poems in the art pages...Have been living in San Francisco for the last 4 years but did manage to read your paper online..
Kudos to Mr. Harris. And kudos to The Stranger.
Real Change needs a comics page. Or a crossword puzzle.
I am totally agree with Yusuf Cabdi,By the way, I'm actually moving to Seattle, where can I go online to find local rental ads in Seattle?

@Ash29, This is a phenomenal place to find local rental ads in Seattle: http://www.acerenting.com/seattle. I like it because their search feature allows you to organize results based on exactly what you're looking for. And, the free rental alert email lets you know when what you're looking for become available immediately.