Plotting a Revolution

A New Generation Plans to Take Over American Agriculture—and Make It Profitable


How precious!

And how utterly self-impressed. Talk to us after ADM and the grocery industry have fed you your twee-progressive face.
fantastic, it takes guts to be on the edge and ignore snarky comments.
For an informed and intelligent discussion on modern farming options, and the difference between extensive and intensive crop growing, look here:…
An excellent article, this is clearly part of any sustainable urban future.
An excellent article completely relevant to designing a sustainable urban future.
WhooHoo! Nice to read I am not the only young freak out there ready to stand up and get dirty for the future.

and to illegitimati: when the truckers are unwilling to pay 5-6 bucks a gallon for gas or food prices double in the next few years-I think those with your mindset will find themselves either humbled or hungry. Its not self important. It is merely smart to provide for yourself and those around you. If more people would do things like this across the country we would see slow economic RECOVERY as apposed to this "improvement". duh.

Rev. Momma
This kind of thing isn't just a good idea, it's going to be inevitable at some point in the future. Go to any large city in China (or most other Asian countries) and on the outskirts you will see huge high tunnels/tents where industrious farmers are growing vegetables to feed millions. The last time I visited that country, people were telling me that in a reversal of the previous situation, everyone wants to have permission to own rural land now rather than a city residence permit, because the people in the countryside can actually feed themselves and make a semi-decent living without relying on a shady boss. This is why you can buy fresh veggies anywhere in China, and the lack of this in the US is why Safeway only has 5 different kinds of vegetable that cost less than $2 a pound.

When our fuel prices drive up food costs even higher than they are now they'll either have to tear down the barriers to small-scale agriculture, or face riots. At least I hope people will be smart enough to riot if they don't.
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Yes, when fuel prices go up, it will be too expensive to "waste" fuel to make fertilizer and transport crops a 1000 miles. Not to mention that corn is subsidized about 50% and is used almost exclusively for feeding livestock, meaning that livestock will have to eat something else - maybe natural grass? Yes, the small, organic farmer will get an easier share of the market and the quality of food will improve!
We have similar schemes in England that are in development - one such idea is Farm Sharing. A major landholder, instead of charging rent, can opt to take a share in a small holding on his land, say, 40% him and 60% the small holder. All expenses are shared equally between the land owner and small holder on the chosen percentile basis - in this case the land owner will foot 40% of all bills, but he will also get 40% share of all profits. Most of these land owners are older farmers who can share experience as well as provide land and a leg up to young aspiring farmers, and it is in their interest to help their share farmers succeed - the more profit they make the more money they get.

Maybe Farm Sharing is an idea that these guys can look into further?

Meanwhile, I am seriously considering agricultural college next year myself, as I am a bit of a home grower and am thinking that small-scale arable farming could be a good career choice for me...