News Oct 21, 2010 at 4:00 am

How Republicans Could Take Over Most of Washington State's Congressional Delegation This Fall


Yes! Finally some good news from the Stranger!
really? well i can only hope the worthless dems who have been running things in washington state for eons it seems will be run out of office. they obviously suck and are responsible for the problems the state faces today. why when you use the logic that bush is responsible for the countrys problems then our state leaders are responsible for the states problems, sound fair enough? of course not because if i out rage your sense of right and wrong your are a progressive (see socialist) or democratic communist. do i know the difference? yes ! socialisim is economic control , and communisim is political and economic control keeping it simple for the simple minded. both seek to level the playing field by lowering the standards of the individual down to the lowest common denominator through central control of all facets of daily life under the direction of the central committe. just ask any russian , or chinese how well that worked for them. just do this RE ELECT NO ONE AND TAKE OUT THE TRASH NOVEMBER 2
Why aren't the Democrats running against "A return to Bush/Cheney"? How have they been out maneuvered? Obama didn't listen to his base!
People realize there are no differences worth getting worked up about between Republicans and Democrats, right? They all do the exact same shit when they take office. I feel like I'm on crazy pills.
Herrera is a one-termer.

She can't even get dems to support a bill to fund continuing education for a professional trade.
The most likely scenario is that the GOP picks up one seat--the 3rd--and all other incumbents win. Just as likely as this majority-GOP result is that Reichert loses and the Dems hold all their current seats, diminishing the Republican Party's delegation to the two seats in Eastern Washington.
This is only if you don't vote.

Current internal polls and trendlines show if you do vote and make sure everyone you know votes, that we'll be safe from the Communist GOP that hate our Government.

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