It's going to collapse under financing concerns. I think that was sealed when it was discovered that gas taxes are not growing at the rate they thought they would and that debt servicing would eat up the majority of revenue.

I honestly think that WSDOT and the Governor will try to retread and force through a fast-track boulevard solution and try to make the City of Seattle tax itself some new transit if they want a real S+T plan, perhaps urging on McGinn to put his transit ambitions to the ballot. I also predict they'll either keep the land and development rights in the existing AWV corridor or try to sell them wholesale to the City of Seattle under threat of keeping them unused brownfield.

The financing plan looked far rosier until they found out that a lot of gas revenue lost to transit ridership is unrecoverable, especially with the completion of U-Link in 2016 and North Link in 2018-2020. They'll probably try to push through a compromise like increased ST-built, state-owned parking at Northgate to sweeten their pot.

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