Screwing the Pooch (and We're the Pooch)

How Democrats Wounded Their Progressive Base


Never vote for the Demolicans again!Vote for a socialist party.And join a labor union while your at it!
The Road Kill are not moderate Democrats. Last year tey were right wing Democrats, Blue Dogs in the national parlance. But they've now become Republicans in Democrats' clothes, especially Rodney Tom, who changed parties--but didn't really. It is sad to see people like Paull Shin, who we previously trusted, knifing us like this. He should retire and so should Mary Margaret, who was dragged into this caucus so they would be less likely to be accused of a sexist rebellion against Lisa Brown and other strong female leaders in the Senate. Nevertheless, most of them act like bully boys and strut around the capitol campus. They might as well have guns on their belts. It was depressing to see the governor, the Senate leaders, and eventually even Frank Chopp bend to their hostage-taking. And thank heaven the childish Craig Pridmore didn't get elected to Congress. What's with his petulance?

They named themselves the Road Kill Caucus to play up their false victimization as middle of the roaders. Poor kids. No one liked them. But the name turned out to be true rather than silly—they turned us into road kill.

You have to wonder who on the right wing wrote this script and sent Tom over to teach it from the inside. It’s so much from their playbook. And when does the governor plan to change parties herself? She’s been traveling to the right at record speed.
You could have cut your own salaries, raised taxes on the wealthy,put more taxes on cigarettes and liquor and candy. That's just for starters.
Instead, you insisted on gutting the earnings of teachers, undermined care
for low income individuals and families and the disabled. Shame on you all. We will have to work hard to vote all of you out next time around. Isn't there any politicians left that care for the common man? What a disgrace.
And not a single cent pay cut for those making these laws, or the public employees that make over $100,000.00 a year.

According to the state employee databases, there are over 2,000 public employees that make $100,000.00 and above. Is that really the best use of funds?
State and national level democrats are all the same. They are so afraid of not getting re-elected by the phantom citizens that apparently vote Dem, but really support wicked, evil, shitty choices.

At Lakefair, I'm going to throw marshmallows at the Demoburger cart while yelling "here's yer spine you good for nothings!"
the democrats are a conservative party. the republicans are a lunatic fringe conservative party. i will no longer vote for either of them. and i don't care if it means that republicans will win. we get the same policies anyway, so what's the difference.

and as far as doing this budget or getting a republican one, isn't the governor a democrat? did they have the votes to override her veto? if the democrats & gregoire were actually interested in enacting progressive policies that would have been an option, huh? everything that ed murray and gregoire say is just lies to distract progressive from the fact that the democrats are a conservative party who not only won't support progressive policies but actively opposes them.
Sounds a lot like the same choices made by the Republican state legislature here in Texas.
It all sounds like what the Republicans in the Texas state legislature accomplished. Running a government like a business is the same as running a family like a brothel, it screws the ones who actually work for a living.
Recall 'em if you can!And run for office yourself:the Citizens United decision allows you to receive funding from almost anybody (including corporations) on our planet!