Dance Floor Standoff

Gay Bar Threatens Lawsuit Against Convoluted State Tax on Dancing


The explanation of how the Footloose tax is applied is so convoluted it is almost mind-bending.
At last, an upside to the common complaint about how no one dances at shows in Seattle?
How does this work out for a venue that has live band and DJs? Would they then pay the tax on events with DJs but not live bands? What if there's a DJ in between bands?
"If you go to the Gorge," Gowrylow explains, "you're paying $50 to watch a concert. You don't go to dance, so the sales tax wouldn't apply, even though there's an open area where people dance." ... "It seems pretty simple to us," Gowrylow says.

What in the hell are you talking about, Gowrylow?

Also, didn't we read in the last article on this (… ) about the club with "No Dancing" signs that was still being hit with the tax?

Palen from the DOR was quoted in that one as saying: if there's a dance floor where you could dance—you don't have to dance but the opportunity is there... there's a tax.
Like a mosh pit is not dancing? Its really just more of Washington States lazy and I mean lazy stupid ass ignorance to be unable to regulate and administer tax's even half ass correctly?

They could have just made it a blanket entertainment tax as one for all and all for one leaves everyone in the loop but no! they have to to just go the lazy stupid way about it.
First, they have to get money from somewhere, and the state wasted a LOT of it on stupid "green" and other such projects. You want recycling, the you have to pay for it, and no, such projects do not pay for themselves. The irony is that the people being effected by the tax increases the most are not those of us who wanted the stupid projects anyway, I voted against the green crap and that stupid monorail plan (lest you forget one of the biggest embarrassments in our state's history). I say tax more of these people, drunks cost our state more money than those of us on medicaid, and we're paying for it already, so I say add another tax, any business serving alcohol should be taxed to closure anyway.
Another perfect example of Seattle's gouge-anyone-who-likes-to-have-fun taxes. As if it wasn't expensive enough for the little people to go to a show, this is Seattle's mentality on creating a police state, one tax at a time. Tell Seattle not to spend 8 million dollars on 8 toilets like it did 8 years ago. Who paid for that?