News Sep 28, 2011 at 4:00 am

City Council Complains About Mayor's Police-Hiring Freeze


"If the slight downturn in cops this year impacted public safety, it's apparently made "
Seattle safer."
--yes, fewer cops to shoot or beat people...I'd feel safer.

"The latest police statistics show crime in Seattle is at a 55-year low. "
---What is the police statistics on police against citizen violence?
Perhaps they could save some money if they weren't having to pay out lawsuits for their cops' fuck-ups against the citizenry? Save those open spaces for cops they can thoroughly test to make sure they're not murderous, blood-thirsty thugs! And get rid of police guild president Rich O'Neil! He needs his ass FIRED! With a fucking FLAME THROWER!

It's not what you are
It's how you dress
That's one thing I've learned from the guys
I must confess
Now me, look, I got this job not just beeing myself
Huh uhh
I went out and bought some brand new shoes
Now I walk like someone else
Maybe I'm crazy or just too high
But all this can't be worth my
Piece of the pie
Sittin 'round just gettin' high
Temporarily pacified
I guess less is more
Something special, something new
Some brand new group to sink my teeth into
Sittin 'round just getting high

Temporarily pacified
That's what's going down on the inside
Don't let this getaround to the outside
This ain't no party, this ain't no show!
Sodon't be tryin' to putt no mo jo on my butt, anyway
The fewer cops there are in Seattle, the safer we are.

With every cop fired, laid off, or quit and not replaced, the city becomes just that much better and more livable.

An ideal Seattle would see the total elimination of the police department. Lock, stock, and barrel.
@3 So then, who would enforce the laws we choose?
We have Pierce county to learn from for one? and a hiring freeze is a total politipiggy way of saying we are doing nothing but want to make it look like we are doing something? So when Seattle starts chopping they wont touch the police "at all" and they will cry out we had a hiring freeze? After raising parking rates and charging to park anywhere all the time and everything else Seattle has done to increase its intake they want to pout and cry up to the Budget where they will spend money like Hobos on a Ham Samitch? ;)
@4 we don't choose most of the laws that our police department is working with, in fact it's the police guild, their union, that dictates the rules of how police must operate and how much money they must make, and what and when to arrest, and what laws to enforce and what not, etc... The taxpayers have no rights when it comes to police. To answer your question, the laws that we choose must be enforced by an agency that is accountable to us, the taxpayers, and not their union and self interests.

Sally Clark is up for re-election and she is endorsed by the police guild. We sure do not need another police voice on the council, Burgess is enough... Her opponent Dian Ferguson is strong on police accountability reform. Vote For Dian!

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