Running on Empty?

We should be thrilled that liberal idol Darcy Burner is running for Congress. But she lost in 2006 and 2008. Now we’re split about her third run.


"Eli is full of shit", now that's Pulitzer Prize winning journalism right there!
I've met Dino Rossi, my wife went to Seattle U with him. Trust me on this. Dino Rossi is no Darcy Burner.
I said that backwards. I've met Darcy Burner, she is a friend of mine. Trust me on this, Dino Rossi is no Darcy Burner.
P.S. Goldy wins.
@2 & @3: And thank GOD that slimeball didn't become Governor!
@4: I second that!!
another left wing nut running for congress. just what the country needs!
@7: It sure is better than a RIGHT WING nut, ya doofus!
There has never been a more appropriate background for "loser" than the job of marketing manager at Microsoft.

Darcy Burner Live Essentials Professional Plus, with Democratic Genuine Advantage!
all of this is sort of crap without addressing why is burner better than her primary opponents... i.e. those following the traditional path of being state legislators then running for federal positions. Of course burner has more name recognition she was plastered all over tv twice in the past 6 years but is she actually a better candidate does she have better positions. That would be much more compelling to read what we have here.
BTW this seat is an easy win for the dems so electability is sort of stupid criteria. Jay will endorse whomever wins the primary and the GOTV effort in that district will be massive. so again why burner as opposed to Liias? or the others????
Just like Microsoft to keep banging its software head into a concrete wall using memory to fight CPU and CPU to fight Hard drive and hard drive to fight memory? Shes a shoe horn for a Mac Attack? She is Windows7 ????.

She is designed to be hacked until someone tells her she need to fix the giant gapping hole that was designed into her as all of that Microsoft stuff needs?

But shes not a republican so Vegas odds are a even bet and since shes not a republican and must be well educated in working with a totally outdated worthless agonizingly dysfunctional corporation she could be our 007 pick to do Royal deeds in congress?
Jewfro sporting antidote?

Nice bigotry there, Hitlerette.