News Nov 9, 2011 at 4:00 am

Students Organize to Stop Sweeping Censorship of School Newspapers


The School District, and Director Martin-Morris in particular, are not evil; they are merely lazy and incompetent - Director Martin-Morris in particular.

Director Martin-Morris did not intend to strip students of their freedom of the press. He was going to do it un-intentionally.

The Board is in the process of completely revising the entire body of Policies. They are re-doing them to more closely resemble the ones recommended by the state association of school board directors. They are repealing some, revising some, and adopting some new ones. That's all fine. They are making these revisions to dozens of policies all at once. That's fine too.

The problem is that the members of the Board, Director Martin-Morris in particular, are too lazy to actually review all of the new policies that they are adopting, review all of the changes they are making, or review all of the policies they repealing. This careless, willy-nilly process has brought us the predictable result.

The Board already inadvertently repealed the policy that required them to introduce motions at one meeting and vote on them at a subsequent meeting. Now we see that they were about to inadvertently strip students of their freedom of the press.

Who knows what other surprises are hidden in the dozens of policies that the board will adopt on December 7. The Board certainly doesn't know.

This is exactly the sort of sloppy, lazy, inattentive work that this Board, and Director Martin-Morris in particular, has done for the past four years. This is an excellent example of the reasons that informed people wanted to replace them, Director Martin-Morris in particular, in the recent election.

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