The Two-Thirds Supermajority Myth

All It Takes for Democrats to Raise Revenue Is the Will, the Discipline, and the Balls


David @1 is hilarious!
David @1,

We have a Constitution for a reason. It doesn't matter how popular a measure might be; if it is unconstitutional, it is not legal. The correct procedure would be to amend the constitution, which requires a two-thirds vote in both houses, plus a simple majority at the polls.

As to what would happen should the legislature pass revenue directly, well, that depends on the revenue. Were it a repeal the exemption for out of state banks on income earned from first mortgages, I think voters would likely let that one slide, for example.
We need to raise revenue, this is clear. Our state cannot go on in its present condition of reducing and reducing services--services that help create a healthy, working, functioning society. We are not "every person for himself or herself." We are a society, and government exists to help protect the rights of everyone to the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
So, damn it, let's raise revenue, whether by simple majority or two-thirds majority--let's raise revenue. And let's not keep chipping away at a flat tax here, a fraction of a sales tax increase there. Let's look at the big picture. Wealthy people and wealthy companies should be proud to contribute largely to their society. Middle class people should contribute a medium amount. Poor people should not be heavily taxed, but give back like everyone in other ways. We need a combination of sales tax, luxury tax, property tax, and income tax so that we can achieve a fair tax system.
Come on legislators, look at the big picture, and help us create a society that gives everyone dignified work and a healthy home.
Socialism now!!!
@4 No, we need to cut wasteful programs and spending. Recycling, spending a fortune on stuff that should cost small bills, things like that.
#1 and #6 are dead on correct here. The repeated iniatives to prevent grifting our money to pay for crap we don't need is very popular outside the progressive circle jerk in downtown Seattle/King county.
#4, I suggest that if you want "dignified work and a healthy home" you get skills and a decent job and not demand someone else pay for it.
I am all for a hand up, not a hand out.