Don't Donate to the Salvation Army

Those Bell-Ringers Are Raising Money for an Anti-Gay Organization—Donate Somewhere Else


"An individual's sexuality is simply not a factor in whether or not we provide service,"
My ass! A friend of mine, with a severe meth addiction and no insurance, was turned away for treatment based completely on his sexuality. He asked if they would accept him if he swore to abstain from any sexual contact or behavior during his stay in the program. He was desperate for help and willing to do anything. They firmly told him that their core beliefs and his core beliefs did not match and they could not help him.
Thankfully, he was able to find help elsewhere, but he almost died in the process.
Fuck Salvation Army. I'm sure they help a lot of people, but until they are willing to help ALL people, I will not give them my money.
Also, don't give to the Union Gospel Mission here in Seattle. They're just as bad on LGBT issues.
Direct Quotes on their positions on homosexuality and same sex marriage and abortion can be found here:…
was in SA shelters. didn't witness any discrimination. the lesbian, bi, trans clients were promptly and appropriately defended by staff when other clients were homophobic and intolerant. the mentally ill, disabled, elderly, clients of all faiths were safe and supported. hiv, aids positive clients too.
In the bible Jesus spent all of his time with prostitutes, tax collectors (who were despised and crooked), sinners, lepers, and all sorts of "untouchables" because that's who needed him the most. So if homosexuality is a "sin" according to the salvation army, then wouldn't they want to reach out to LGBT people with god's love just like Jesus did? If you call yourself a Christian then you should act as Christ acted. There's a quote I memorized as a child, "the single greatest cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips, and then walk out the door and deny him by their lifestyle. That is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable."
Ahhhhhh.... does the American Red Cross not discriminate against LGBT people? I vaguely remember a time when gay dudes couldn't donate blood unless they're celibate. When was that? Today?
AveryTurnstyle - The reason they cannot donate blood is purely a medical safety measure. Gay men are simply at a higher risk of contracting HIV and since HIV can take a while after a person is exposed to show up on any kind of test, it's in the Red Cross's best interest not to accept blood donations from gay men.
Unfortunately that is because of the fact that HIV was, I don't know if it still is, statistically more prevalent in gay men and IV drug users. You also can't donate blood if you've had sex with someone, in the past year, who has EVER used IV drugs, or if you lived in the Mediterranean region in 80's. It's not a matter of discrimination, it's a matter of protecting the blood supply. In time, they will likely lift the ban against gay men, but for now, it's only because of the HIV risk. But they wouldn't hesitate to render aid to a LGBT person or to give them blood as needed.
My gosh 96% of the world is evil according to the LBGTQRPLMASDFG.... community. THE WORLD IS EVIL!! I get it. I am so sick of gotcha questions and gotcha reactions by the LBGTQBFJDUBDUJDDNDI...... community.

My gosh. Its the love that won't STFU!!!!
There are so many other options. Take $20 to the health aid at the nearest elementary school. She/he can turn it into clothing for a poor child - always known to the office people. Find a pet rescue organization and take them money. Who feeds the homeless in your community? Take money or buy soap or towels and take them by.

There's simply no reason to give funding to hate groups. I put my last coin in a red kettle when they "won" the court case allowing them to refuse to hire gays. Their Christ would be appalled.

I'm with you, Dan.
My mom worked for the Salvation Army for over 12 years, so I'm well acquainted with the organization. Anti gay? Yup. Corrupt? Yep. Thievees? Yep. I wouldn't give ANYTHING to them - not money, not used clothes, not anything. Where I live, you now have to bring in a pay stub to "prove" you really need help, they will NOT deal with homeless people unless those people show up during business hours with all the appropriate paperwork, and they've done away with EVERY program they had. Now, it's food box or nothing. No rehab. No bus tickets. No food. Nada. Even though almost all the grocery stores in town still donate to them exclusively. Wonder where all that stuff goes?? And, to put the cherry on the sick sundae, when my mom (and I) worked there during the holidays, the officers routinely STOLE donated toys and other items that they or their children wanted. Truly, I want NOTHING to do with this organization. I give my money to the local animal shelter and competing food bank (which the TSA has repeatedly tried to shut down to get rid of the competition).
thank you for the information, Dan. I always give a few bucks going in and out of Fred Meyer during the holidays. Now I'll just say "Hi" and "thanks" but won't donate. Northwest Harvest, all the way!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, crap! I didn't know, Dan! Sorry!

@12: scottleigh for the win!
I'll do the same.
Do stores have to give permission to the Salvation Army folks to stand in front of their buildings? Maybe there's a way to get the bell ringers removed.
There's a Salvation Army banner ad requesting donations at the top of this page. Nice.
@6, 7, 8:

Ahhhhhh.... does the American Red Cross not discriminate against LGBT people? I vaguely remember a time when gay dudes couldn't donate blood unless they're celibate. When was that? Today?

Please, don't blame the Red Cross for turning away gay blood donors; they are merely abiding by federal law. No matter where you donate blood in the US, you'll run into the exact same prohibition. In 1985, the FDA banned men who have sex with men from donating blood, in an effort to prevent the blood supply from being tainted with HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. The Red Cross opposes the ban, but has no choice but to abide by it.

Unlike the Salvation Army, the Red Cross truly is a worthy charity. Please don't refuse to support them out of a mistaken belief that they are homophobic.
@6: Actually, the Red Cross won't take the blood of any man who has sex with a man since 1978, celibate or not. The list of people that the Red Cross will not accept blood from--in spite of the fact that all samples are tested for HIV anyway--is long and ludicrous. They also won't take the blood of any woman who has had sex with a man who has had sex with a man. I know, because I used to donate blood despite serious reservations about the Red Cross' politics. I'm O Positive, the universal blood type, and I figured that it was more important to help people than to get into a political stand-off with the Red Cross. Whelp, they made that move for me when I informed them that my male partner had slept with a (trans)man. They will no longer accept my blood.
@7 & 8: You're both full of shit. Ten seconds of research would have revealed that the fastest growing demographic group of people with HIV/AIDS in the world is women of childbearing age who sleep with men. I've yet to hear anybody propose that we ban young, straight women from donating blood.
Sally Ann has a bad habit of making a person feel worse about being poor and homeless, and they sure are happy watching those in that situation grovel and lick Jesus's asshole to get help.
Dan's endless apologizing for Obama is pathetic. He's not an opponent, he just plays one on TV? He's the most powerful man in the world - and he's let it be known loud and clear that he doesn't think gay people should have equal rights... he is a HUGE opponent of equal rights - his lack of courage is more harmful than all the Rick Santorum's of the world.
#17, the universal donor blood type is O negative.
never been asked by anybody what my sexual preference was save for my mother?

America is full of ass hole idiots with no fricking morals or guts or righteousness so if your flinching at lying about your sexuality your obviously a immigrant.

If asked I would probably answer I am not sure but I really get turned on by pituitary glands ;p.

As these articles always lead to some creepy FBI attempt to frame some pissed off disillusioned illiterate halfwit into hating Jesus and or targeting the entire christian world lets just boil it down to do not support anybody who dose not support everybody.

your government decides what you wear what you watch and what you learn and that's why you cant afford a education or help or medical or anything?

civil rights are civil rights and prejudiced hate filled churches are your governments fault and they get big Republican endorsements to be not much less than Nazi's who openly spread hate for People they do not approve of.

Jesus loves you? that specific Church or specific person or in fact that Gay community may not and may not lift a finger to help your ass.

as for giving blood it seems again more of the FBI creepy freaky tales of un belivable B/S that you hear from the twisted minds at the local bar just yacking to be the Pseudologia fantastica creeps they are and Washington State is full of of these creeps?

I guess some feel its fun to be stupid and full of shit? Republicans ! who the hell needs them.
Who the fuck would defend any one, or any organization that discriminates? How would these brain damaged republiturds feel if the policy was "we don't serve Baptists because they are retarded inbreeds?" Or better yet, "we don't feed catholics because these heathens worship a nazi in a dress" See? Discrimination is ugly, irrational and indefensible however you state it. (But that nazi in a dress thing is pretty accurate.)

Like we need to take our eyes from those who would tell us who god hates?
I thought there was a law against this? Oh ! that's right this America.
Also, as they say, they are "an evangelical part of the universal Christian church" that uses your money for direct evangelism in addition to lobbying for Christianist public policy. I always DO tell the people ringing the bells what their organization is supporting, in the hopes that they might not solicit for them any more.
@17 like #20 said, the universal blood donor type is O negative. So don't brag.

The Red Cross, on the matter of blood donors, does not discriminate against gays more than against everyone who's at higher risk of blood-transmitted diseases, or who may have not quite pristine blood. Other blood collects do just the same.

Last time I tried to give blood, I was told that a strictly heterosexual person who had changed partners in the last 6 months or 1 year couldn't give blood. Nor could anybody, regardless of sexual activity, who had gone to the dentist in the past week. Nor could someone who had been recently ill, or who was currently taking medicine. The list goes on an on.
They also sometimes won't help people unless those people pray before meals or watch a stupid Jesus video, etc, so they discriminate against atheists as well. Sometimes a group says its helping people when the real goal is to push a religious agenda. If you want to help people, just help them - no agenda!
I was raised in The Salvation Army church and finally ended up working as a social worker. Never turned away anyone that needed help - encouraged everyone to come to church. Maybe some people may be confusing attending the church for joining the church. The Bible pretty much tells the story about any sinner joining the church = can't happen until the sinner repents (that included me) - but the Bible tells us to help all people with their basic needs - The Salvation Army I know does that. It may be worthwhile for people reading these blogs to call their local Salvation Army or any other charity that tries to help people to see exactly what they do before making a decision on whether they are good or bad.
Gee Darby, I dont think I need to call the salvation army about this. I dont think there would be this many people so angry about a charitable organization without cause.
Really Johnboy? When was the last time a bunch of GLBT lovers got angry about anything? Oh wait...GLBT lovers are always angry about something. Today it will be the Salvation Army. Tommorrow it might be the local gym for not allowing male pre-op transexuals to use the womens' showers. Remember the code of the ignorant - Never investigate the truth about anything! Just follow the dumbass lemming marching mindlessly in front of you until you get to the cliff!
There are other social agencies besides those that are operated by religious groups. The church-based groups operate with the additional help of volunteers so can keep costs down with more funding going to qualified needy persons. If a needy person doesn't want to see Christianity in action, they shouldn't ask for help from a religious group.

It is wrong to expect the SA to ignore its Bibically-based beliefs when addressing needs. It is wrong for anyone to expect a religious group to go against its doctrines even in the practice charity.

If Christianity is YOUR enemy then get your handout somewhere else. These people live their faith. It is because of this they will offer hope through belief in Jesus. They will show you how sinful behavior affects lives. Where is the harm in this? They have been instrumental in helping countless people turn around their lives. The Salvation Army does much good and does not deserve criticism for adherence to their doctrines.

I'll tell all who are listening this: As a Director at a SA homeless shelter, I may disagree with certain SA policies, but I will fight to death anyone who declines services based on anything other than character. I will also fight to the death to support co-workers who are lesbian, gay and transgender. I pledge this because of my calling to help those who could benefit from my help without overt, idiotic, regressive and small minded thinking. And don't fool yourself, much of this country discriminates on issues as peculiar as gender.
Every organization has its people that don't do what is right. Find any large charity, business and of course the government, and you will find some corrupt people. Unfortunately, that is the reality of life. There is corruption everywhere and I guess we expect to see it in business and government so we are surprised when we see it in a charity. I wish it didn't exist at all, however, it does. You shouldn't "throw the baby out with the bath water". Just as there is some corruption in every organization, there are also many more people that are trying to help others and that do the right things for the right reasons. I grew up in The Salvation Army and have seen it all. I was also in need of their services at one point in time. I know for a fact that homosexuals are treated with dignity and respect and are not discriminated against. I have seen it with my own eyes. There are sometimes extenuating circumstances in which the "Army" is not able to render service to people, but it does its best to help when it can. The government is also responsible for regulations and guidelines that The Salvation Army and other charities have to abide by. Sometimes the charities have no choice. The Salvation Army does eliminate corruption when it finds it. I have seen this as well. I'm sure if I wanted to nit pick any organization it wouldn't be too hard to do, that includes the LGBT groups too. Instead of bashing groups that are trying to help others maybe you could start your own charity. Don't you think your time would be better spent doing that?
The Salvation Army does not care for anyone but themselves. As true Americans, we need to rise up and speak publicly on the media about the false cult like religion.

They use people in every Adult Rehabilitation site by mentally abusing them on a daily basis. I tell every American DO NOT DONATE TO THE SALVATION ARMY. They get enough money illegally through the government and they call themselves non-profit. LIES, LIES, and more LIES. One day it will be an embarrassing moment when the media has a wonderful frenzy on the actions they do to others. Be careful of MAJOR SCHOCH he is nothing but a fraud for a Christian. He only cares about his cars and possessions and money GREED, GREED, and more GREED. He is based in Syracuse, NY. Arrest him now someone before it is too late.
Please educate yourself! The Salvation Army mission is to serve without discrimination. They are one of the top organizations to give too. They as a church follow the same scripture most christian churches if your christian and your better check what your book says! Also i know for a fact they have employees who are gay and married!..and pay for their spouses benefits...So in just bashed all christians because they all must be bad.. oh and lets really bash the ones who help people keep their lights on and stay in their homes..what have you done? nothing! I'm sure!
I was looking to dig up dirt on the Salvation Army, and instead I kind of agree here. I understand some people are gay and can't help it, but keep it in the closet instead of trying to convince everyone it's normal. It's not!! The thought of a man putting another man's penis in his mouth is outright sickening!! It's also a sin and nothing to be proud of. and to want to adopt kids and confuse the heck out of them by having 2 moms or 2 dads is outrageous. Gays are so greedy to "prove something" that they have no regard for the minds of the kids they want to adopt is completely selfish!! Besides marriage was created as a holy union, and homosexuality is a sin, so how in the hell can gays think it's ok to be married. I'm a recovering alcoholic and even if I was still drinking I'd never fight for "alcoholics rights", because it, too is an abomination.
if one is gay fine, but if gays are gonna have disgusting sex, at least not be proud of it, it's like a cleptomaniac(who can't help stealing like a gay can't help being gay) being proud of it. See how the comparison makes sense. I have a gay relative who is involved with the Salvation army and that person keeps it in the closet and prays for forgiveness, not advertises it. I'm so tired of people doing wrong trying to make it seem right. Oh, a tip, if you're gay and need the Sal. Army's help,it's simple, DON"T TELL THEM YOUR GAY, morons!!
Ok, I can see everyone heres point, but something I feel should be said. I am a bisexual woman. I have been happily dating the same man for the last four years. We have had several friends join us. This is a fact of my life. IN fact I regularly have a friend visit when my baby is feeling adventurous and we as a group have fun. We are both bisexual. You should be able to fill in the gaps thier. While I have seen the Salvation Army turn people down for services, anyone who has come thier for real help has gotten it. Most of the people I have seen them turn down are habitual in reqesting the same help, but if you watch them leave get into a car that is only a few years old or someone who has been through the programs several times and keep 'falling off the bandwagon' as they say. And the whole thing about discrimination, a local SA wemons shelter I know is run by a woman in a 'delecite' position if only because she in a 'special' relationship that the nature of it could ruin her carrer (it is leagal, if just strange and would cause issues) while I am unwilling to elaborate further, suffice it to say that the LGBT has nothing to fear about discrimination from her. She is the reason I am going to ring bells this year, to help the shelter that helps so many. I once had to stay thier, and she knew of my special relationship. My partners and I were fighting and I dislike violence so I ran to get away and stayed at the shelter. She told me to keep my relationship a 'we wont ask, you dont tell' thing and while I am not ashamed of it, the zelious of some of the workers at the shelter shocked me. The point im trying to make is while some places are not the best, remember the SA spreads over the USA and not everyone is the same.
Amazed by the lets compare gay to cleptos.not gay but I even know better than that. Salvation Army is demoralizing to a whole group of people regardless of sexual orientation. The Lts of the Salvation army here in hillsdale mi. Told a lady who intrupted church because her house was burning down that the social device department was closed come back Monday or call red cross.They are on a cruise think to Bahamas right now but come Monday challenge anyone to try and get help for almost any reason and will bet there is no funds. At least the "boss " here have no compassion or morals about who they discriminate against.God forbid take a big bag in there store.They will believe u are stealing..Old, young don't matter.
We should all get little cards made up and drop in to the kettles that say another gay dollar lost because of your bigoted policies.
Dan Savage,
As a Military Vet and an American.., the Salavation Army has been around since the 1800,s
Presidents since World war 1 and 2 and beyond with the greatest generation and the "Real Americans" played a big roll in lives of thousands- we live in a different world now and as for my self you and the Seattle of Idiot Obama Nation want to do away with Christians and America and I my self have been disciminated by "Sickeattle " by being a bell ringer and my love for God and Country..... Your Socialist idiots and your Stanger paper gives Real America the proof that Seattle a is a Socialist Republic and you will stir a Nation and the world after you here from Thousand Vets and on duty and Real America...., you will be hearing from us soon !

American Irish Republican Army.
I know someone who has 3 children that are "ministers" or soldiers as they call themselves. She lived in a basement cement floor one room apartment for a few years before one took her in. Another one helped himself to her bank account in which she only recieves disability, treats her like crap...example- can't touch her grandchildren, has to ask to give then a hug but is not allowed. THIS is a minister?
So being that the Salvation Army is openly a Faith-Based Organization standing by its belief that the Bible is the inerrant word of God and that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven it should not be a surprise that they believe and stand by every word in the Bible including the words that state that homosexuality is a sin. Because they are a Bible-believing entity, they are being discriminated against because they believe every word in the Bible and people know that. Since they know that the Bible states that homosexuality is a sin, people out there automatically hate them and encourage others to NOT donate to them. What I'm wondering is why anyone would not expect them to stand by what the Bible says being that the entire focus of the organization is based on Jesus Christ? Why would this come as a shock to anyone? So because people out there don't believe that homosexuality is a sin they expect the Salvation Army to just cave in to social pressure and deny what the Bible clearly states? I don't think so. As you can probably tell I completely stand by the Salvation Army's beliefs and am asking you to come up with a better argument because your line of thinking does not make sense at all. Honestly, you can't argue against the inerrant word of God and I pray that all come to know Jesus Christ as their Personal Lord and Savior.
My Son is bi & HIV+ he got into the harbor light program with no problem (6 months in house *meth*). I have sent at least 5 people I know were gay to the SA for help. The only one that did not get help was drunk when they showed up at SA.

That said. . . Some of you need to grow the hell up! OMG here is a group that will cloth, feed, house, train, hire, and pray for you, all because they think God would want it so. And they have the nerve to say while your in our house eating our food wearing our clothes, you have to follow these rules. Wow could we just push them into the sea? Oh BTW many SA programs dealing with addiction, will throw you out for contact with members of the opposite sex in the same program. If you have a choice then you really don't need the Salivation Army. If your ever homeless in the snow, hooked on meth, stink, and people are walking around you in the gutter, The Salivation Army will take you in clean you up, love & pray for you, sorry about the rules.
Read the pieces on my website... The Salvation Army definitely has issues.
You are right on. I worked for the organization for over 7 years and have first hand knowledge of numerous acts of corruption. Check out my pieces at
@39 Hot damn, that's some crazy shit you're spouting! But you left out your thoughts on the zionist Bilderberger conspiracy, fluoridated water, Nixon's nixing of the gold standard, and the staged moon landings. We'd all love to hear you thoughts on that! Please do tell.
Wow just because you can't abstain for six months you get mad about it. Stop bitching about that shit, they beliefs is they beliefs. I go to an AA meeting with a guy you is gay and graduated the SA , and he follow the rules and guess he's clean for two years. I think personally you pushing you agenda to a avail . If you want ppl to respect you beliefs respect their. And just because you wont donate guess what people still are. I personally can't stand the fact you saying your sexually coexist with civil rights. Sorry MLK wasn't standing for gya rights, it was about black or white, he did say sexual orientation in his Dream Speech. But I see LBGT Community consistently disrespect the black men and woman ( straight or gay ) who died from the right to be considered human. It didn't matter what you gender like you were black you got hung. Respect my Fore Father and Mothers struggle.
Well, the Salvation Army is taking a stand many of us agree with. The Bible does not condone adultery, fornication, pedophilia, bestiality, nor homosexuality. Yay for an organization willing to take a stand that is clearly politically not very popular here in the Northwest.

@47 It's not popular because it's ridiculous. If you're an organization that claims to help EVERYBODY, then help EVERYBODY. If you want an organization that goes by what the bible says, don't forget to include everything else... Any woman who has sex before she is married has to be stoned to death, etc. etc. If you're referring to the (Christian) new testament, Jesus never actually says anything about sexual orientation. If you're looking at the old testament as a 'pre-new testament' Christian text, stop. It's completely unrelated to Christianity, was written over a period of hundreds of years, and most books were often a response to some crisis the people at the time were going through. Usually people panic and make bad decisions in a crisis, especially when they don't fully understand what's happening. Check. Your. Sources.
Salvation Army is a noble,charitable and pro-family agency. Without children we cannot have family, community and nations. This is fundamentals logic. Those that contravene the laws of nature are terrorizing society, humanity and if their actions are unchecked, they would precipitate the premature demise of civilization and homo sapiens on this planet. Therefore, Salvation Army needs the support of every sane citizen in the community and around this planet.
The Salvation Army does a lot to help people with their drug addiction and those who are homeless. The gays are individuals who usually have lots and lots of money. Many live in fancy homes overlooking the ocean. Strange, I never hear about them trying to help the poor, or service the homeless. Enough said!
There is website called Stop The Army. Here is their link:

They provide little notes you can put into the donation kettles that the Salvation Army has out. It's pretty neat.
Your take on this is quite simplistic. Think of all the gays employed by them-lots. Lets say a non str8 person cant get a job they want from "pro diverse"companies but the s.a. gives them one.wouldnt that make the s.a.more pro gay. Heres the thing-many companies' owners say theyre pro gay to avoid bad press. Every company that hires, hires all kinds of people. So they are outwardly against gay marriage, they are probably against alot of other stuff too. So what? No matter what anyone-gay,straight,bi,trans,white,black,or brown says they believe,truth is everybody's full of shit. especially folks who say they believe in god. Because everybody acts shitty and the god of the bible is a big shit. Anyway, marriage and relationships are shitty and your opinion is kind of shitty but not more shitty than the idiots who on this thread are writing about the bible,because really have you read how it ends, the god fellow likes believers so much, they get to be the very first ones to be burned! Too bad its all fake and i wont see it happen. Cap/recap: Money is shit. Marriage is shit. Sound of those goddamned bells is shit, this thread is shit, turkey dinner is shit. So merry fucking christmas and a shitty fucking new year. But am i an ass who doesnt believe in civil rights, no. Im just an old timer gay who doesnt give a fuck.
The amount of bigotry and ignorance in some of these comments is appalling. There also seems to be a bizarre correlation between bigoted attitudes and inability to understand basic grammar and spelling - most curious.

My take is this - the Salvation Army is a huge organisation that does much good. It is also made up of innumerable individuals with varying personal beliefs on what is right and wrong regarding issues like homosexuality. Their individual standpoints and beliefs sadly impact the way they do their job and interact with people... just like in any other organisation. While it has its issues, like any organisation of its size, it does do a lot of good. What is important is that they don't have an organisational level directive to discriminate against LGBT people - though some branches/locations may do so on their own. The SA themselves is fairly clear on their official standpoint:…

While the SA probably needs to be better at controlling their more extreme members from presenting their personal views as the organisation's, I think that there is much to be said for the good work they do in our communities.

I am a gay man, and I will be dropping money in the Kettles this holiday season - they may not be perfect, but neither am I.
the salvation army is a honest creditable organization that helps everyone they are accepting to all no one is turned away for any reason Jesus loves everyone his love never changes
Gay men not being able to donate blood ever since te 70s was because of the stereotype that more gay men have aids/HIV when the true statistic is straight black women are the highest carriers of the disease

It's more known in the gay community because there is a higher promotion of safe sex and status checking within the gay community. Heterosexuals are still conserned about how taboo sex is and hide behind their children as an excuse for not wanting to promote safe sex thinking that it will make their kids more sexually active.
News flash,if your kids wanna have sex they are going to find a way but it makes more sense to let them know how to donit safely instead of being uneducated and ending up with a disease that could have been prevented