Coffee Is for Closers


Romney is a Republican and thus he is a thespian and is trying to portray a roots based country pumpkin in jeans that has big economic knowledge that will make all Americans healthy and rich?

but like all Republicans and many Democrats if ask a question that demands a specific answer you get a bunch of crap much like our objective in the middle east that started with WMD's and Saddam and has evolved into something nobody in congress can answer.

Winning hearts and minds or just a occupation that will leave the place with less than it had after the place is shot to shit and bombed into chaos?

Your assessment of Romney is valid as I wonder If he could make it past the security and intelligence briefings if elected to office with out turning into another deluded freak hiding in the basement of the white house trying to win hearts and minds and spreading some form of twisted Rush Limbaugh Republican ideology in places that use Goat turds to heat a mud and goat turd shacks in the winter.

Oh we are selling coal cuz we good ol boys who like to help people!

Oh we got a google and it says a awful lot about all kinds of awful stuff
Do we do the earth a favor by selling the most populated place on earth toxins to heat their homes with? and they even have better and cheaper solar panels that we put tariffs on as they are cheaper and better.
Rick Santorum is the Stealth Candidate from Opus Dei. According to Seattle Gay News of March 30th, 2012. {I know this thread is about Mitt Romney; Romney and his Magic Mormon Underwear. I just thot I'd throw this in.}
Yes, that same Opus Dei so featured in "The Da Vinci Code" -- based on some legitimate and accurate research for the book.
Santorum, while a Senator, took a trip to Rome, paid for by Opus Dei, and accompanied by an Opus Dei priest. The occasion {which Senator Santorum described as "part of his official duties}, was the raising to Sainthood of Opus Dei's founder, Spanish priest Josemaria Escriva, who died in 1975. {Described as "The most blatant example of a politicized canonization in modern times".} Senator Santorum gave a speech on that occasion -- the transcript of which can be read -- in which he described himself as totally guided by "blessed" Josemaria Escriva's principles -- which can ONLY mean, Opus Dei principles.

Rick Santorum IS the Stealth Candidate from Opus Dei. NOT a Conspiracy Theory! but a REAL Conspiracy. Opus Dei meddles in the affairs of MANY countries where it has power -- especially Fascist Dictatorships. All this can be researched and is true. {Even if "The Da Vinci Code" is PART fiction.}