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New Catholic Bishop Turns Seattle Masses Into Anti-Gay Political Rallies


Way way way past the time for a referendum or an initiative regulate the bazzilion sicko churches?

I do believe its time for accountability from the vast numerous amount of radical churches who don't do much but piss people off?

Not a war on Christianity but its time to put the bill in front of your favorite law maker and let them know your sick of pukes hiding in the church and using it to spread hate and hate crimes and over all evil.
When are people going to DEMAND to REVOKE THE TAX-FREE STATUS of Churches that are so BLATANTLY political????
When are people going to DEMAND to REVOKE THE TAX-FREE STATUS of the many, many Catholic-Church-owned profit-making {and discriminatory!} BUSINESSES?

When are gullible Parishioners, who mistakenly THINK their money is going to "Catholic Charities" instead of to Catholic Politics, going to STOP putting another DIME in the Collection Plate?

When are Parishioners going to REVOLT in the only MEANINGFUL way, and LEAVE the Vatican Catholic Church entirely {because it is a hopeless top-down tyranny}, and form their OWN worship groups -- as is being done in many places in Europe and the U.S.?

When Catholic Churches and Cathedrals are DESERTED for lack of attendance, then new groups can take them over for whatever purpose is desired, for schools, for community centers or art museums or concert halls, for tourist walks, or even for worship!
The Catholic Church is UTTERLY MORALLY BANKRUPT; and should be made Financially that way, the sooner the better!
looks like this bishop knows his way around an altar boy...IF you know what I mean...
This bishop looks like he knows his way around an altar boy...IF you know what I mean...
please delete my double post-thought the first one hadn't gone through.
The Ministry of Child Rape is on its high horse. Can disaster be very far behind?
yet seemingly intelligent and self-proclaimed "supportive" people still spend shitloads of money to send their children to Catholic schools, yes Virginia, even (especially) here in Seattle. The hypocracy and indoctrination will never stop. It's ALWAYS ok to use gay & lesbian people as targets. After all, it's not okay to be racist or sexist anymore. (although it's really okay to be sexist...;-)

May the bishop slip on some santorum and fall on his keister.
The Catholic church is free to promote their homophobic agenda amongst their followers, preach it in their churches, and teach it in their schools. Isn't that enough?? Noooooo. They want to overturn state law to be sure they impose their will on all citizens.
For all you Anti-Catholic haters, chew on this for a moment; the Catholic Church is not ANTI-GAY we are pro-traditional marriage. Marriage is only between a man and a woman. To be for marriage is not to be Anti-Gay and your rhetoric shows your lack of charity and tolerance for our views.

It is you who are trying to shove your new and immoral ideas down our throats through the legislative process and REDEFINE a definition that has been defined for thousands of years. Look to your Websters dictionary from only a few years ago, it affirms the correct and only definition that marriage is between a man and a woman. You want to change the definition of marriage, then in this wonderful country of ours' you may try. Our Churches have every right under our Consitution to organize for purposes of defending our values. This is not about endorcing a candidate or party, this is about legislating values for our State and Country. As a Church body, we have every right to do so under the law.

You spray paint our churches of worship, and slander our bishop and our faith. If we hold a position that affirms traditional marriage, then it is you who are trying to change the culture not us. It is you who are making this an issue and are seeking to divide this State and our country. It is you who are taking this to the voters to legislate on something that was never a right before, ever.

May God have mercy on your souls, because if you keep behaving the way you are with your vitriolic and downright hateful attitudes while supporting these immoral positions like gay marriage, then you will need it!
Well, you can't spell "Satan" without "Sartain".
No, this statement is just wrong. "Never mind that Catholic bishops don't have a credible track record of "chastity" or marriage themselves." Catholic bishops have had a completely credible record of chastity for centuries. By the way, I'm not a Catholic so I have no horse in the race. That's just a false statement.
I posted the following on a similar blog, but I feel it bears repeating:

How sad. Neither the Catholic Church nor the local Archdiocese is anything but supportive of individual GLBTs, but like any sinner, they are obligated to love the sinner and condemn the sin. In that regard, Father Ryan has failed. I recommend those Christians in favor of Gay Marriages review the seven deadly sins. God has given us healthy appetites to provide for our bodies well being and proper function. When we become obsessed with one or more of these appetites, to the point where the appetite becomes the end rather than the means to a proper end, we have succumbed to one of the 7 deadly sins. So that when we eat just for the pleasure of eating rather than to give our body energy, we become obese, succumbing to gluttony. When making money becomes the end and we become hoarders, we succumb to greed. When sex is no longer for pro-creation but for self-satisfaction of the libido, we are guilty of lust. Although gay sex (lust) is no more a sin than greed, sloth, gluttony, pride, anger or envy, these poor priests do their congregations a disservice by giving the impression that it is not a sin, and they fail in their vows as Catholic Priests. Though none of the deadly sins should be illegal, we do the individuals of our society significant damage by encouraging these sins. Declaring gay unions to be a marriage does just that.
Priests are speaking out. The priest of the Catholic church my parents attend in Tacoma did last week. His homily was about divisiveness and Christ's call for love and acceptance, and after Mass he addressed the congregation and explained that there wouldn't be signature gathering at their church because he would never presume to alienate any member of that parish. My mom said the entire congregation stood up and applauded.
Dehage Ifrea Moilink!!