Does His Name Sound Too Mexican?

How a Highly Qualified Justice's Last Name Could Cost Him the Election Against an Unqualified—but Anglo—Opponent


I was a juror in Judge Gonzales' court in King County shortly before his Supreme Court nomination.

He was a fine judge. Sharp, empathetic to the jurors and all parties, and had a wonderful demeanor that suits the position.

He is also very qualified by experience and credentials. He is not playing the race card in his work.

Check out his site:…

It would be a travesty if he were to lose based upon the sound of his name. I hope that he and his supporters can get the word out on how qualified he is.
Been a good judge so far.

Not sure I buy your argument.
voters are probably racist, news at 11.

go read the times comments ( for nearly any story ) if you need a refresher on this non starter.
That works both ways. I live in a community that is 70% Latino. Where I live Anglos have the same problem.
Charles Johnson, an obscure lawyer, indeed defeated long time incumbant Keith Callow. Johnson barely campaigned. The press decided it was because Callow had a weird name and Johnson didn't. Some said they voted for Johnson because he was a good judge. There was understandable albeit ignorant confusion. At the time there was a respected African American King County Superior Court judge named Charles V. Johnson who wasn't running for the Supreme Court.
Johnson has served 12 years on the Supreme Court and proven to be a capable jurist.

The elephant in the room is the stranger and other groups racial profiling this election. Vote for the person regardless of skin color or ethnicity.
Gonzales deserves election. I've appeared in front of him before, and his demeanor and legal knowledge are first-rate.

There is a website called that deserves more recognition.
I've read this and Cienna's post but I kind of doubt this is a serious issue. Unless you can provide evidence that this is really going to at all affect the election I think it is equally fair to say as many hispanics will vote for him based on his name as ignorant white people will vote against.

Mainly, I just think he is too popular to lose because of this. I mean... People voted for Rossi... And I'm sure someone that ignorant could debate what ethnicity that was all day long.

I'd like to also point out the only statistics you use are that Gonzalez has raised 185K to 0K.

I understand most people vote for reasons as dumb as a last name, but I also think those same people could vote for Gonzalez for just a stupid reason, like he looks better in the picture.

Just like to end with, you COULD be entirely right, but there is literally no evidence of it yet.
Interesting. Danielson made false claims that he had judicial experience in his last election campaign.…
Too bad; I default to voting for people with non-Anglo names if I know nothing about the race or have no preference otherwise as a personal affirmative action policy.
Eli Sanders, Pultizer Winner: Gonzalez was not the first Hispanic justice. We had a guy with a Cuban background.
In the mid 90s, for one instance, when still-Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez changed her last name from something not-hispanic immediately before the election, it was THE outrage on Limbaugh type radio for an entire year. To frame the story as simple as you did, well... I would agree a more appropriate story that doesn't make you seem mindlessly partisan would be to focus on the voters are racist angle, all voters, not just whites. But them too. And more than racist, just stupid as fuck and irresponsible citizens.
Would you rather have the people elect judges or allow a cabal of politicians and bar association muckety mucks do the electing for you?
Appointing judges for sure, lot less problems that way.
quit playing the race card. win on merit and reputation. that's what this country is about.
Fundraisers for Gonzales will be held by Rep. Phyllis Kenney and Larry Kenney on Sunday, July 8 from 3 to 5 p.m. and by the Metropolitan Democratic Club of Seattle (MDC) on Tuesday, July 17, from 5 to 7 p.m. Details of each will appear on the MDC website,
Nothing against Judge Gonzales, but he was appointed. It is disturbing and disgusting to read such diatribe against Mr. Danielson. With a bit of research, one might find, Mr. Danielson is not only well-qualified, but is of a high moral character and keen intellect. Mr. Danielson has more to offer than his Anglo-Saxon name. We might do well to elect one who is not a pawn of the political system, one who does believe in the CONSTITUTION, one representing the people.
@12: You're right. Thanks, and fixed.
Ignorance masked as liberal multiculturalism.

Um, Mexico is not the only place where people have Spanish last names...

Also Mexican is a nationality, not a race, you will find people of all races in Mexico.
@18: Evidence of Danielson's keen intellect is strangely absent in this video he made in support of his failed run for Kitsap County judge.…
I would be terribly disappointed if this was to be the case. I had an amazing interview with Judge Gonzales as part of a training program and found him to be a fantastic sharp, whip-smart, emphathetic, selfless judge and leader.

We need more not only more leaders like Judge Gonzales, we need more citizens.
I would be terribly disappointed if this was to be the case. I had an amazing interview with Judge Gonzales as part of a training program and found him to be a fantastic sharp, whip-smart, emphathetic, selfless judge and leader.

We need more not only more leaders like Judge Gonzales, we need more citizens.
Maybe we should return to appointed judges and do away with judicial elections. Seems to me few voters care or make the effort to find out about the candidates, even when pamphlets are available.
I've always thought it was a bad move to introduce judicial elections. Then again, appointing judges can lead to nepotism. What's worse, nepotism or an uninformed and/or racist electorate?
My family has a funny sounding, but of English origin as far back as anyone can see. One of my uncles lost an election because of his funny sounding name. To be fair this was Texas and he was a crook, but so was the guy who beat him.
Judge Engelbert Humperdinck doesn't stand a chance.
As lilly white a Norsky as they come and I think Gonzalez would have been a far better candidate for governor than the one the D's are running. That said, he is such an outstanding jurist that he stands to be one of Gov. Gregoire's most significant legacies.

If the voters of the State of Washington fail this test, we are lost. Just elect Eyman governor and get it over with.
This sounds like a totally legit argument and I would vote for him if I knew how, where, or when. I'm 25 and I have no idea how to vote. Help?
This is really offensive.

What you are pointing out is not so much that Gonzalez has a latin name, but that he might lose even though he is white! Oh the horror of a white person losing because of something as arbitrary as a last name! That's only acceptable if he were actually a minority...
All I've heard on Facebook for the past six months is "Vote for Gonzalez, Vote for Gonzalez!" without giving me one valid reason to do so.

For this reason, and this reason only, I will vote for the white guy.

Hey Gonzalez, here's a tip: stop having over-zealous Facebook females pimp your name every ten seconds and try giving us a good reason to vote for you.
Ignorance and apathy are the greatest threats to our democracy. Take personal responsibility for educating yourself.

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@ fetish - why do you think Gonzalez is white? Because he is so light skinned? The article clearly states that he is Mexican-American. I am African-American and light as cream with a splash of coffee. Oh, the comments & questions I've heard over the years! People sure can be ignorant about race and skin color.

And why do folks always bring up playing the race card? Let's not put our heads in the sand because racism isn't as deep as it once was. It's still there, just under the surface. Those who think others are using this so called 'race card' are just an excuse for not wanting to find out the ugly truth.
I worked with Justice Gonzalez for a number of years in private practice, and have followed his career closely since then. He is an intelligent, principled, and devoted public servant. I can't imagine a finer person for the position, and I hope the people of Washington have enough sense to agree with me.
Awesome. You know, you could run this story in just about any major city in the US and it would be fine. Do it in Seattle, and everyone's all, "WHOOOOA, HEY, reverse racism!! I don't *see* color! The only racist person is you, for bringing this uncomfortable subject to light!"