Help Rob McKenna Pick a New Campaign Button!

Just Because the GOP Treats These Constituencies Like Shit Doesn't Mean They Don't Love Rob!


Every GOP candidate needs to be tied to being anti-choice and pro-back alley abortion.
These 5 new buttons are great, but they do not speak to as large a group as chicks, and therefore can not be as effective.

What McKenna really needs is a button that says "¡Rob Latinos!".
@2 - If I ever run for office, my mascot will be El Kabong.
i adore the fact that his campaign ad is located directly to the right of this story. (well, on my page anyway)
Whenever you click on a McKenna ad, his campaign has to pay for it. Just saying.
NARAL or somebody in the abortion fight should make that button and use it for a local fundraiser for Inslee. My first thought was that I'd pay $10 for one, but hell, I'd probably pay 50 bucks, at least.
@5 Thanks for the reminder. Oh, look, there's one in the frame now!
You realize that the "Chicks for Rob" which is what sent you spinning off into this tirade, was intended for young girls to wear, not as an insult to fully grown women.
He should go with "Skirts for Rob"
#8...uh, sorry, but no. McKenna didn't SAY it was for "young girls" to wear. And it's kind of icky to use the term "chicks" for "young girls"-especially since most of us would hear the words "young girls" and think "seven year-olds".
Young girls ..... that are too young to vote....?
@8 the photos on his website show women who are easily 40-50+ years of age sporting the chick buttons and matching pink shirts. They may act and dress like young girls, but they are most definitely not young girls.
I would pay $100 for a "coathangers for Romney and Ryan" button.
@5: Yay! I just clicked WonderBoy's ad prolly 10 times.

It would be even more fun if there was a thermometer graphic showing the amount in his campaign fund, so with each click you could incremently watch his campaign's money dissappear.

How about a "Negroes for Rob" button with a watermelon in the background?
Read and laugh at your typical shit for brains
liberal. poor andrew must not have much of a life. What a pathetic LOSER !!

Andrew Bush · Top Commenter
These disgusting teabag militia republicans won't be happy until they kill someone.

This judge should be disbarred for adding to the hysteria of the easily manipulated "Phony Christians" of the loner state of ignorance and stupidity.

Notice they are all eager to rile up each other but none of them will make the first move.

Cowards! Nothing but cowards with tea bags shoved down their pants.

Texas has the MOST children suffering from malnutrition. Maybe they should pay more attention to cleaning up their own state.

I LOVE what these tea baggers are doing to the Republican party. : )

Every day is a new freak show act that out does the last one.
What? No Kosher for Mckenna? I feel slighted.

I voted for fudge packers because it reminds me of Cannibal: The Musical!
@12, 40-50 is pretty young for Republicans these days.
@17 plastic surgery can make the 70 year olds look 50 in a photo.
I didn't get the "retards" one until I saw it up close...printed on the wrong side of the button! How leotarded! I guess that means that's the button I must wear...
Is it a good thing or a bad thing that I didn't know what an "octoroon" was? (Apparently spell check doesn't know what it is, either)
Merriam-Webster defines octoroon as a person of one-eighth black ancestry.

At first, I thought it was a slang term for an octuplet, as in a son or daughter of Octo-mom.
I have no love for Rob McKenna, but to be honest, I don't get this thing.

Even if you think "Chicks for Rob!" is patronizing or something, how does that translate into using other epithets of varying offensiveness? Has McKenna ever been caught using any of those terms?

Even if he treats those constituencies like shit, I don't see how that justifies the Stranger staff sitting around trying to find excuses to print these epithets. I mean, it is you guys coming up with these terms, just because you're framing them as if they came from McKenna's campaign doesn't give you a pass to use them. On the other hand, if it did, I notice you elected not to drop an n-bomb (although calling someone an octaroon might get you just as slugged, if they know what you're referring to).

The only witty button is the coat hanger one, which I assume is a reference to his anti-choice stance, isn't an actual epithet, and required a modicum of thought to come up with. So, kudos to whoever on the staff came up with that one, and shame on you for the rest of them.
I want a button highlighting American Girl's decision to feature their McKenna doll as "Girl of the Year". Yeah, it would probably violate some trademarks, but who wouldn't want a "McKenna AG Girl of the Year" button?
Holy crap! I just finally got the "retards for rob" gag. Voting now! That shit is hilarious. No offense to actual retards. I love them all.
Once people get used to being protected from fair criticism by political correctness, they look at any criticism as being treated like shit. What a collection of twits!
How about one that says "Rob will bend over and take one for you" or "Rob will put his feet in the stirrups"?
This is super offensive and not helpful. I know it's so much easier to just sit around and make up offensive things and blame it on the Republicans, but really, using words like "Oriental" and "Retard" and "Fudgepacker" is just plain wrong. Don't you feel at all guilty about not reporting on real news, like how poverty is going up or how many soldiers are dying in Afghanistan or how minorities are being shut out of public policy discussions? That used to be things that we liberals stood for. Now it seems that we just stand for taking cheap shots at the other guy and patting ourselves on the back. If you guys were really supporting Jay Inslee, grow a pair and a conscience and start representing the people.

Super not helpful and totally offensive. Using asshole words like "retard" "oriental" and "fudgepacker" and blaming it on the Republicans is a low blow to people in these groups. Seriously, grow a pair and start doing real investigative journalism, like about poverty skyrocketing through the roof, 2000 soldiers dying in Afghanistan, and minorities being shut out of public policy decisions. Or is that not the liberal, progressive thing to do anymore? Are you guys just resigned to taking cheap shots at the other guy and patting yourselves on the back? You're not doing Jay Inslee any favors, acting like giggling teenage chicks making up gossip. #epicfail
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