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Capitol Hill Renters Discover Their Landlord Is Funding the Anti-Gay-Marriage Campaign


Private property is theft.
This is the 2nd story written by The Stranger that is an unexamined account of April's experience. April is former McGinn volunteer who who works in PR for the mayor. The Stranger picked up this story she appears to have created. "Political creatures" like April (her Twitter description) usually know where their checks go. Esp when a quick Google search shows the landlord's long, public record of supporting the ultra-right. April got a lawyer, April knew what she was doing. And Marriage Equality may very well be in on this self-orchestrated event. The guests at April's party were not in on the joke, and were not told about the legal battle. (Used in the ruse?) But The Stranger was. April and Ben brought guests that would publicize the event, and then they gave the talking points to The Stranger. News created in a test tube, and designed to raise money for a cause, is the real scoop. But Marriage Equality needs your money. So journalistic integrity steps aside.
I'm unimpressed with David's comments above: "Hey I support.. gay marriage...for what it's worth"
David, please get a clue. Cities, counties and states all write anti-discriminatory laws for housing which includes social/personal life styles as well as race, religion, etc.

Speaking of the Capitol Hill neighborhood, I was bike riding on 11th near Pine and stopped in awe of the mostly in-pink art and design all the way up into the 2nd story of an empty commercial space, with anti-Rape slogans, eg.,("a date does not= booty")
That graffiti art will do more to pull the young vote in the neighborhood than any of the $20,000 contribution by the Capitol landlords.
The fundraiser is beside the point. I live in one of these buildings. I will be moving out first chance I get. I just had to absorb another increase in my rent this month. Now that I know what the increase is paying for its a no brainer.
CultureWarrior: You sound nice.
@3, it wouldn't be an "unexamined account of April's experience" if someone from Breier-Scheetz properties would deign to return phone calls. I left another message on Monday, but I suppose it's easier to anonymously troll comment threads than defend your bigoted actions in public.

I understand. If I held your views, I wouldn't be able to defend them, either.
The initiative will go down to defeat, and same sex wedding receptions at the Granada will become the hot ticket on Capitol Hill.
Drink is a referendum not an initiative and if you support same sex marriage you want to approve it not reject it.
@9 His views are that your paper cooked up this story to raise money for Marriage Equality, not that gays shouldn't get married.
Seattle has certainly gone to the dogs since big developers and property consortiums moved in. I guess we can thank our elected officials for this turn of events. We might as well just sell the city off to the Chinese Government since most conservative attitudes seem to mimic if not back the attitude that "if your not with us, then you're with them" mantra. Its already happening in Corvallis, Oregon with their Tibetian and Tiawan Independence murals. It used to be that America stood for "were in this together". Not it just stands for, "I'm in this for the ever-lovin buck". Frankly, our country is repeating the history of the Roman Empire, and I believe we all know how that ends.
Lesson learned: Always research any person you hand money over to, any business you frequent, etc. for the owners beliefs as it may differ from yours. Then you can make an educated decision on whether to conduct business.
Frederick Sheetz lives in large, beautiful home on Federal Ave, right behind Volunteer Park. I'm sure he's out there with a rifle every night, trying to pick off us gays as we cavort throughout the park at night.

He's an awful man, with too much money. Boycott his apartments. He's an asshole.
Congratulations to the Breier-Scheetz Properties! You have demonstrated to be morally healthy, unsusceptible to social brainwashing and having integrity. Marriage for the homosexual degenerates is corruption of the institution of marriage. No approval for the homosexual depravity!
Congratulations to the Breier-Scheetz Properties!
You have demonstrated to be morally healthy, unsusceptible to social brainwashing and having integrity. Marriage for the homosexual degenerates is corruption of the institution of marriage and a brutal violation of the nature’s order.

No approval for the homosexual depravity! No capitulation to the pro-pervert, intolerant gangsters!
"They are required not to discriminate in the RENTING of the apartment..."

So if "no gays in the courtyard" is OK, how about "no blacks in the pool"?

Unfortunately for Mr. Sheetz, the law requires non-discrimination with regard to common areas as well as rental agreements.
@18 - Blacks are perfectly welcome in the pool, just as long as they don't get all black in your face about it.
Wanna bet that Mr Sheets made the donation from his business instead of personally so that the business could take a fat tax deduction for it? (not legal, but who's gonna catch him?)
I'm amazed the property owners were dumb enough to openly oppose the R74 rally. They could have just let it happen, then quietly cut their $20K check to the anti-gay cause.

It also makes me wonder how many more property owners out there support causes detrimental to our culture... but are smart enough not to be so open about it. You could be living under or working for one or more of them right now.
@21...really? "...detrimental to our culture..." is how you're going to say it? How is it detrimental? Some of the most bigoted people are the people from the LGBT community. They say the opposition has a "you're with us or against us" attitude yet, I see the LGBT community spew more hate against everyone that does not agree with them. I've seen a change in the LGBT community and it is not for the better.