A Big Night for Gay Marriage—and for Equality

Good News from Maryland, Maine, and Washington State


that makes me so happy. Of all the things on the ballot this year equal rights is the most important. how can we be american and not support the rights of our citizens to marry as they see fit.
It was a closer vote than I'd hoped it would be in WA, but this was still the most awesome day yet for equality.
I am so happy that now every state (and District)where I have lived (Connecticut, DC, and now Maryland) is on the right side of history.
"...a More Perfect Union."
A special message to the troll: you're being washed out to sea with all the rest of the flotsam. Please make a note of it. I wish you the best of luck, which I guess for you would be fetching up on the shores of Saudi Arabia or Iran.
Congratulations Washingtonians, this Oregonian is very happy for you all. Viva Cascade!!!
The war for civil rights is not over! Until buttfucking is legal in Volunteer Park there will be no JUSTICE!!!!
Thank you Washington voters. It was well worth the 41 year wait.
I'm unbelievably happy for Washington and can't wait to hear Dan's new description of Terry :) As the kid of two lesbians I'm extra happy for DJ and can't wait till my moms can marry too (I'm in MI). Yay!!!
Last night was an amazing night for the LBGT community and the country. I'm so happy, Dan, for you and your family.

I live in CA, unfortunately. Wow, I never thought I'd say that regarding LGBT rights.
@5 You forgot Pakistan ;->
Congrats to Washington, Maine, and Maryland!!! I'm so happy for you! Also, I'm from Minnesota and a volunteer with our Vote No campaign. We were told over and over again that the ammendment may come down to only a few hundred votes..... well we ended up striking it down by over 100,000 votes (not including the one's left blank that automatically are counted as "no votes"). That, and we still are counting some votes in, as Dan said, liberal Minneapolis. This turned out so much better than I could ever have hoped. Freedom To Marry's offshoot in our state, Minnesotans United For All Families, worked so unbelievably hard and did EXTRORDINARY work. You couldn't imagine how well put together they were, and it paid off!

The big four did it!!! :D
Also, we knocked down our Voter I.D. ammendment too!! I'm really proud to live in Minnesota today!! (except for that prevailing wench Bachmann)
@7 lol
@7 Do you mean butt-fucking for gay men, straight couples, or both? And do lesbians get in on the action if they use strap-ons?
Good for you, Washingtonians! Oregon has a long way to go before it enters the 21st Century.
Shortly after Massachusetts legalized gay marriage, I went to the wedding of two lesbians. A year later, they had to move to Maryland for the job of one of them, and they were very sad to leave a place where they were legally married for a place where they were not.

And now they're married again! Way to go, Maryland!

Equality rules! Congratulations, Dan, and all humans everywhere.

You deserve a lot of the credit, Dan. Bravo!
I wish we could have been the first to approve it.
Aww... Dan! You edited all the "dadgumit!"s out of Gregoire's quotes, dadgumyou.
I echo the other straight allies who are embarrassed at both the suggestion that we deserve something special and that our country is still so backwards on gay rights. I did what I could and wish desperately I could've done more. I knew I couldn't live with myself if we failed and I hadn't done everything I could possibly justify getting out and doing these past six months.
Dan...when will you be marrying your husband-in-Canada, boyfriend-in-America, and making an honest man of him?

I think, once the results are certified and R74 is confirmed as having passed, we should throw a massive duck-themed celebration, and have Garfunkel and Oates play Sex With Ducks.

Ducks. Yeah, ducks.
I am so happy for you Washington! I cry tears of joy.
What an awesome time to be a citizen! I'm super proud of everyone who not only did their duty by voting, but also did whatever was in their power to make marriage equality a scorching hot issue state (and nation) wide. Kudos! Cheers!
I had a fantastic night at the Showbox election party with my wife and our girlfriend, although we couldn't help feeling a little left out- that a truer definition of 'marriage equality' would respect the concept of polyfidelity as well. General question for the group: How many folks -especially within the LGBT community (with whom 2 out of the 3 of us identify)- would theoretically support the 'equality' of our triad?
Too soon?
An interesting upshot of all this: I wonder if now LGBT Americans will be able to marry a foreign national in Washington state and make them a U.S. citizen? I think yes, once DOMA goes down.
Garfield county is voting over 70% against r-74. Marrriage licenses can be issued by any county. I may need to drive 300 miles to apply for a marriage license.
One small step for civil rights, one giant leap for man kind :D

Washington, Congratulations!!
@23, I may be wrong, bit I think they will probably now be considered already legally married in Washington. You don't need to marry in a state or even a country for your marriage to be legal there.
Sorry for the late entry! Congratulations on Ref 74 passing!!!
Basic rights for ANYBODY shouldn't "have" to be voted on---ever!
I'm SO glad we got past all the Repigs and hate-mongers this election---in oh, so many ways!!!

Hmmm....although I DO find the thought of the most vile and corrupt members of the 1% suddenly fighting for THEIR rights somewhat amusing.....