Legalized Gay Marriage Is Complicated

When can you get married? What if you're already domestic-partnered? What if you got gay-married out of state?


What if I want to gay-marry Jamie Pedersen? Do I have to file that paperwork before his Domestic Partnership to another man is automatically converted?
To ANY two people getting married: Congratulations and a lifetime of undisrupted happiness!!!
How do I keep Washington from "converting" my DP if I'm already married in CA? I only bothered to DP here because the marriage wasn't recognized then. Should I dissolve the Washington DP? Or?
?? We're married on CA and Washington domestic partners. (Like Washington recognized the CA marriage before now ...).

What to do? I suspect I don't want WA converting the DP. Will they look at California marriages - or do I need to take action?
We are planning on getting married in December by one of the many judges in Seattle. Does the Stranger have any recommendations for judges that have supported the LGBT community?
We are planning to get married in December by one of the judges in Seattle. Does the Stranger have any recommendations on judges that have been LGBT supportive in the past?
SteSeattle: Judge William Downing of the King County Superior Court wrote the opinion striking down Washington's DOMA as unconstitutional. Unfortunately, the state supreme court disagreed with him and upheld DOMA, but give Judge Downing some props for reaching the right decision in the first place.
To apply for the license on the 6th, do both partners need to be there?
What on earth is up with upgrading partnerships to marriage unless on or both partners will be 62 or older???
sweet g: Domestic partnerships for people over 62 (including those of the opposite sex) were created for people who don't want to get married because of the property and estate planning implications (Washington is a community property state) but still want their relationship recognized by the State and still want to enjoy some legal protections for that relationship. Converting those domestic partnerships to marriages automatically would defeat the purpose for which they were created. But if an older same-sex couple WANTS to get married, there is nothing stopping them now.
Will we be able to apply for a marriage license online at 12:01 am on the 6th? Currently the online app is only for male/female.
Will we be able to apply online for a marriage license at 12:01 am on the 6th? Currently the online application is exclusively for male/female
Could you just say marry rather than gay-marry? It creates a distinction between straight and lgbt marriage that isn't there.
"Although it (New Washington marriage) is unnecessary, I don't see any legal problems with doing so."

Oops, forgot about living minor children.
What about officiants who got ordained online? Will marriages performed by them be legal and binding?
subletea: yes.
I'm curious about or WA state prisons. Will same sex inmates be allowed to marry?
To all on December 6th that say "I Do"

Welcome to the happily ever after club!!
What if I object to "marriage" being in the lawbooks at all and want to keep a domestic partnership a domestic partnership? Am I just SOL?
Want to get married with others in December?

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Sue the states and the fed for violating your Constitutional right to certain types of privacy (which includes the privacy of your body relating to reproduction).Class-action or mass-action.