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It’s Official: The Council Member and Former Cop Throws His Hat into the Ring

Kelly O


About time
Fairview who?
I don't like everything he stands for -- but you know what? I never agree with 100% of any politician's positions. The most important thing about Burgess is that he consistently acts like the only grown-up in City Hall.
I predict the unfunded and lower capacity SR-99 Deeply Borrowed Lower Capacity Unsafe At Any Earthquake Tunnel will be a major issue in this race.

That and the out of control SPD.
Former cops won't hold their own accountable. I want a third alternative for mayor.
@ 5 Or they could be the best one to do it given their position, sort of like how Nixon was the only one who could go to China.

The so called "leaders" around here are no more than cardboard cutouts. If they facilitate the building of billion dollar projects, they get elected. If they get in the way, they're out.

I don't see why any intelligent person would see it otherwise.
Burgess had his chance to fix the SPD - wasn't he chair of the Public Safety Committee for four years? Didn't happen. Why exactly would he be the guy to fix it now? Because it's suddenly politically convenient to promise it?
What comment #4 from Will said, buttfucker morons won't.
Woo! That's some good news, glad to see a real professional who knows how to work with others in the race.

I admit I panicked when I first read Tim Eyeman instead.
Burgess is an asshole (didn't he support W for President?). McGinn deserves four more years.
@11 if I recall correctly Burgess refused (or still refuses) to say if he voted for George W. Bush.
McGinn will go the way of Nickels. He's alienated nearly everyone.
No cops for mayor. Duh.
If this guy is elected mayor does that mean he wont be around to play Mike in flashbacks for the final season of breaking bad?
@8 is right. Burgess is a politician and that's all he is. And he was definitely not fair about the panhandling legislative attempt; he was bought by the DSA to run that piece of fear-mongering, and he did it, and he'll try it again.
He will be a disaster for the arts and culture community in Seattle. This is a man who called all of the street art in Seattle "vandalism" and "not real art".
I wonder if Diaz has some dark secret to hold over Tim's head like he has with McGinn. Time will tell.
You can't be an outsider AND an incumbent. Nice try.
Tim Burgess has this claim that he listens to those who disagree with him, but I haven't seen him do that very much at all. He might show up, but he doesn't listen; he doesn't engage.

He is the property of the DSA and the Chamber of Commerce. Their interests are not aligned with the interests of the community. He is an instrument of their will - a tool.

Finally, he is fundamentally an unkind and uncaring person and I don't trust him with public resources.
@17 Quit crapping in the public commons. I know I know, you need to express yourself. Find a venue that doesn't uglify the city.
While I don't expect Burgess would be as embarrassingly incompetent and ineffective as McGinn, somehow, I know he'll be just as annoying and uninspiring (although in his own unique way).

Pete Holmes for mayor!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!?
Here's the thing. I want the government to do two things: to protect our rights and to provide public resources. I just don't trust Mr. Burgess to do either of those things.

I don't believe that he has much respect for people's rights. It is reflected in his interest and efforts to criminalize poverty.

I don't believe that he has much interest in public resources either. His focus is on private property - and whatever else the DSA wants, like a downtown elementary school when there are hundreds of school seats available within 1.5 miles of Denny Park.

His support for the deep bore tunnel shows how he favors the enrichment of the priviledged few over the needs of the community. The tunnel was and is a dreadful idea - unless you're one of the few people who will make millions from it.
@23: The tunnel received the support of the majority of Seattle voters. It is really way too late to refight that battle. But by all means, see if that meme will help you defeat Burgess. It won't.
@14: True Dat.
@24: It did?
@24: Nevermind. Ref 1, 2011 Primary. How quickly I forgot.
He does cut a striking portrait.

It may come down to a bike race to the mayorship.
“Natural change agents in the police department need to be identified and put in positions where they can affect change."

Change affect to effect.

I think we should elect someone with good grammar.
Burgess is an ex-advertising executive and you have to hand it to him - he's come a long way for a guy who has the baseline charisma of a turkey vulture and the voting record and heart of a Republican. But buy The Stranger boyzzzz enough beers over a year and two and yeah - you'll get a Free Publicity headline story on your mayoral announcement. Again, there's that Burgess marketing talent at work.

Problem is, we need more than marketing. And behind Burgess's charm? offensive is an ex-cop who did nothing about the cop situation on his watch as head of public safety. A head of an education levy who refuses to engage with the community about the millions under his control. And a Suit bought lock stock and barrel by the Downtown Chamber and Developers. He isn't a friend to progressives. He isn't a friend to neighborhoods. He doesn't have the business background to pull off Big Deals and he doesn't have the little people sympathy to protect small business owners.

You also fail to mention that he tried to defund an important-to-the-community crime prevention program on the south end last week, until he was called out on his stealth motives by fellow council members.

Here's hoping The Stranger has the gumption to run full page happy articles on candidates who haven't obscenely pawed Stranger Staff egos for a few years. And to be just a wee bit skeptical of the Burgess Story. You dudes are getting played by a player.

Politics is bad and just getting worse. I'd rather eat a cardboard sandwich with sawdust filling than listen to any candidate. After "Pluto in Capricorn" wipes out the status quo --- I might be able to stomach listening to a Politician again --- but only with anti-nausea medication and a sack of prunes and dates to ease my bowel movements for the next 24 hours. 2013 may prove to be a wonderful year to clear our gastrointestinal tracts of all politics and government and make way for a clear channel of new thoughts and ideas.

@29) Thank you and fixed.
Burgess is only the first of several who will run. Ron Sims is considering, as are others.

At this point, I'd vote for a doorknob over McGinn (the doorknob is marginally more competent and less likely to add more bike lanes).

And @4 et al ... - the SR 99 DBT ... let it go. Really. It's happening. And its a good thing. The transformation of the waterfront will be a gift to this city. And I say that as a West Seattle-ite who is impacted daily by the project (hint: the current temporary construction modifications are far worse than than what the end product will be, and we're doing just fine). I'm okay with losing my Seneca off-ramp; greater good and all that. Move on people.
Puff piece for Burgess. He does not deserve it.

Since Burgess likely made that statement verbally, that mistake is on The Stranger, not him.
Is this a hack press release or a story? Jeez Dom, what did you do - transcribe his yellow highlighted talking points right onto the page?
"Since people have asked today" Dominic will wail on his Facebook page that instead of getting his dick sucked by Burgess, he got bent over and suffered an anal fissure instead. Luckily, since The Stranger "writers" aren't journalists, the payback won't be unethical or anything.
Can we aim higher? Please? You had me proud due to your election hustling for obama! in the words of the beatles...don't let me down!
Don't like Tim but have to give him credit. He knows whom flattery will work on. He got his puff piece, and didn't even give you the scoop. Well played, Tim.
And now, after this glowing piece, anything critical Dom writes about Tim is going to seem like it's just cause he's butt-hurt. It'll be about Dom's vanity instead of anything about Tim. This was a rather brilliant move.
Burgess is an opportunistic hack.

Before he was on the Council he was a "political advisor" hack to other political hacks. Before that he was an undistinguished hack of a cop. In his time on the Council he's hacked his way to the undigestible center of a pack of useless tools, all of whom gleefully bend over for every fat cat developer with a campaign contribution.

Nothing's changed, except that now Burgess is an even more self-important, substantially overpaid ($117,000/yr), transparent blowhard of a hack. He's refined the process to the point of being a Master Professional Hack.

Not all of McSchwinn's buffoonery will change that. If Burgess had any real balls he'd do the rest of us a huge favor and resign! And if the Stranger had any it would take its lips off his dick.
Let's hope the Stranger doesn't end up being petty, backstabbing jerks this time and end up backing the wrong horse.
So what?Are any SOCIALISTS running for mayor yet?(And if not,then WHY?DID YOU NOT SEE HOW MANY VOTES KSHAMA SAWANT GOT IN HER CAMPAIGN FOR STATE REP IN THE FORTY-THIRD???Pfft!!!) ---- ,and ----> (L)
@21 have you ever been to the sodo free wall? Tubs? Any art shows by Narboo, Starheadboy, Mantisart and many other artists? If you think I'm talking about tagging, get your head out of your ass. Street art is a vital and vibrant part of any city's arts community. Look at Berlin, Barcelona, London, São Paulo and Milan, and how they embrace their street art community and provide them with venues to display their work rather than making an asinine blanket statement like "there is no valid street art in seattle, it is all vandalism" and spending already scarce city resources to solve a problem that is not a problem to 60% of the population.
I don't see any substantial differences between McGinn and Burgess. They are both corrupt insiders who never met a developer or random billionaire they didn't love.

If it comes down to the two of them, I'd vote against McGinn because he's a flagrant asshole, but Burgess will not bring any policy changes or improvements.
Wow. Good luck, everybody, in electing a good mayor for Seattle!
Luckily, most people don't vote based on the editorial circle jerk that goes on at Stranger HQ.
#47, too many do.
Tim voted to pass the arena MOU, a negative in my book.

Now I'd like to know if there is any scenario where Tim would renegotiate the current deal ? If Hansen starts to say "the terms are too generous, losing money" like Allen did in Portland will Tim renegotiate or use the full power of the courts to make sure Ballmer/Hansen cover every last payment (both the city bonds and whatever private financing Hansen uses with the Arena as collateral).
Due to the voting system used to fill the mayer's seat;I would recommend calling Kshama Sawant and asking her to run (she DID get twenty-eight percent of the vote to fill Position Two of OUR state's Forty-Third Legislative District);the other candidates - ALL of whom are bourgeois/upper-crusty - would divide the remaining city-wide votes amongst each other --- use the Plurality Vote to your advantage,Socialists of Seattle!!! -----

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