We Need More Gun Buybacks

Seattle's First Gun Buyback in Two Decades Was Almost Too Successful


Okay, they gave out $68,000 in gift card and claim to have collected 716 guns. I am not a mathematician but even if all the guns bought back were handguns (but they weren't), and they bought them at $100 a piece that would equal $71,600. Someone is lying somewhere......
dozerangel, you're forgetting the part where some people turned in their guns without taking compensation.
Don't make me prove I'm not a criminal before exercising a right. That's not how we do it in this country. The government leaves me alone unless they have probable cause to believe I've committed a crime. In exchange, I delegate to the government certain authorities. I'm not interested in renegotiating that agreement.
According to Goldy, the act of purchasing a firearm is criminal. On the other hand, if you're a piece of shit who takes it to the local ghetto bar and fires at your (equally piece of shit) girlfriend THE DAY AFTER ALL THE DUSTY GUNS IN SEATTLE BASEMENTS ARE TAKEN OFF THE STREET DURING A PRAVDA PHOTO OPPORTUNITY, no mention is made of it. This does not fit the narrative of the left's version of Glenn Beck.
this story might as well be a press release straight from the SPD. im pretty shocked that the Stranger printed this pro-police, pro-disarm civilians propaganda. gun buybacks DO NOT reduce gun crime. the SPD spent $68k on a bunch of guns, many broken and in unserviceable condition, that wouldnt have been used in crime. criminals dont turn in their guns. considering all the police overtime pay they paid to the officers at the event they probably spent over $100k. this was a waste of time and money. you may be telling yourselves "but what about the rocket launcher and the street sweeper shotguns? its good to get those off the street". if you think that those guns had potential to be used in crime and that they were turned in by conscientious citizens YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. the rocket launcher was a spent one-time-use tube. it may as well been a empty shell casing, totally harmless. as for the three "street sweepers" Armsel Striker shotguns, these guns retail for $1,500+ and are extremely rare. these shotguns are so rare that in all the gun stores and gun shows ive ever been to, I'VE NEVER SEEN ONE in person. so do you really think that there was someone (or three individuals) out there that had three of these guns and 1)didnt want them, and 2) were willing to hand em over to police to be melted down in exchange for a $200 gift card? total BS, these weapons are a bunch of props put out to make the buyback look like it has been successful at taking "assault weapons" off the streets. in reality is meant to put a positive spin on disarming the public.
My city needs potholes patched, not expensive photo ops for overtime cops and politicians... not on my dime.
Maybe the person who shot the US Atty 20 years ago will turn in his pistol for a couple hundred bucks.
I dunno. 716 guns turned in and it's almost too successful. 300,000,000 firearms out there and 716 is almost too successful. Yikes!!
BACKFIRE: Seattle Gun Buyback Turns Into Gun Show; Collectors Waved “Wads of Cash” At Those In Line (video)...


And oh yeah...

What a load of crap.
ill take your guns, ill give you a $5 gift card from Starbucks!!!