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News That's Even Easier to Ignore Than County Politics


Uh, this article is by Dow Constantine?
"establish Washington as a "stand your ground" state."

Washington is already a Stand Your Ground state:… In fact, Washington is a mutual defense state - you are even allowed to defend other people in your presence - and the threat needs to be "great personal injury", not death. Also, I read the law you're talking about, and it doesn't make any mention of the Washington Justifiable Homicide Law one way or the other.

You are even allowed to prevent felonies against you, such as felony level theft, although that is NOT mutual, and no they do not have to be "forcible". Because Washington is a justifiable homicide state, rather than a self-defense state, neither "duty to retreat" nor "excessive force" are even applicable.

Washington's a Western state, live with it. Most of WA is not Seattle. Even many of the liberals in other parts of the state are labor union types who own guns, fly the American flag, drive pickup trucks and join the military.
#1, it's another Stranger goof
You know who else doesn't believe we should label GMO food? People with an actual understanding of how GMO crops are produced. There is no scientific evidence suggesting that genetically modified crops are unsafe to eat.

See the recent slate article "Leading Environmental Activist’s Blunt Confession: I Was Completely Wrong To Oppose GMOs" for some reporting on this issue with actual facts.