Why Is Albert Shen Running for City Council?

He's Got Plenty of Ambition and Lots of Cash, but Little Vision


"unfamiliar with several pressing city issues"

But it was okay when McGinn and O'Brien ran, so I guess this judgement is rather subjective.
How dare a young Asian man run against one of Dom's pals in City Hall! Dom is right to question his legitimacy. We don't do things like run against incumbents here in Seattle, Mr. Shen.
@1…McGinn & O'Brien can be charged with many things, but being unaware of City issues isn't one of them.
Considering Dominic, in a previous post, already labeled Mr. Shen "a tool" in a shrill and obviously not flattering way, and knowing as we all do that Dominic has a metaphorical hard-on for Mr. O'Brien, I'm not sure that we should accept his characterization of their conversation or of Mr. Shen's positions on the issues as being all too accurate.

Perhaps The Stranger, if it wants to be seen as truly objective in its coverage (a good assumption?), should find another reporter to cover this particular race. Or simply acknowledge fully that the paper will be in the bag for Mr. O'Brien no matter what.
"It seems backward to build bike lanes only in places that it's already safest for bikes while neglecting the roadways where they run a larger risk of getting hit."

right, Dominic. The whole greenways and bikeways movement is a fucking mistake.

"The council has no ethnic diversity right now, and with my background as an Asian American... I want to bring that diverse perspective to the city council, and I think that's been lost recently," Shen says.

The council actually does have a member of color: Bruce Harrell, who is half Japanese and half African American. When I tell Shen, he says, "I stand corrected on that."

Good job.
I think money likes this guy because he's so dumb. They can make him do anything in office.
Shen is simply looking for an "in" and he felt O'Brien was the weakest to challenge. He cannot win, even this early I can call that, because no one knows who he is or why he is a viable alternative to the incumbent. he can spend all the money he wants but he needs to work a few more years to stake out his positions before he gets elected. Mark it, Dude.
Now, If someone would have the fortitude to challenge Sally Clark, that would be news worth covering.
@4: Dominic's "characterization of their conversation"-including all the direct quotes-is absolutely accurate. I was there.
Doesn't supporting our first president of color, finding a cure for breast cancer, and providing higher education to working families and single mothers in Seattle deserve a little more respect than a passing mention in your lead? Don't those issues count just as much as bike lanes and the yellow pages to those of us in Seattle? But I see from your previous articles that you are a bike rider. I get it...

It also pains also me that you are playing the subtle game of pitting one person of color against another. "Isn't there already a person of color on the city council? So why do we need you?" It's classic tokenism and you've just demonstrated the kind of oppressive attitude that trivializes the contributions of leaders of color and their communities. One person of color on the Seattle City Council is neither representative of our Seattle community, nor "diverse."
@9, You can make any interview come out to be what you want it to be. That's why there's such a thing as a hit piece or a fluff piece. There's no such thing as an accurate or not accurate characterization, since it's all based in opinion. You think the characterization was "accurate" because you happen to agree with Dom. It's allowed that some others feel differently.
@10, this is hardly a "subtle game." Unless Shen disputes the quote, he didn't say he wants to bring more diversity to the Council or that he has an additional contribution to bring. Shen says that there is NO diversity on the Council, which suggests he has little familiarity with who is actually on City Council and the issues they are working on -- as Harrell is not only running for Mayor, but has taken some significant stands on issues highlighting the concerns of people of color in Seattle.
I´d appreciate a bit more information about his work at the Community Colleges.

His analysis of development spending and the undue priority Seattle is a rich city that should spend its money on more broadly distributed social goods like universally available childcare; ESL, math tutoring; low-intensity personal training and nutritional mentoring
@11: "There's no such thing as an accurate or not accurate characterization." That is an inaccurate characterization of reality.
Poor Seattleites should vote for the Socialist Workers' Party candidates for mayor ( a woman) and King County Council Position 6, and the Socialist Alternative Party candidate for City Council Position 2. --- http://www.themilitant.com ,and http://votesawant.org
Oops!The Socialist Workers' Party candidate isn't running for King County Council's Sixth Position,he's (Edwin Fruit is his name)running for SEATTLE City Council's Position 6 (but there is a SWP candidate for a King County Port Commissioner seat.) --- http://www.themilitant.com
It is deeply offensive that you try to pass of his work with the corrupt cancer establishment as "loyalty to women's issues."

The real legacy of cancer profiteers like Komen has been to actively prevent countless cancer cures from saving lives. The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed and the cancer industry is a shining example of that.

Cancer cures have been around for a long time:
www.vimeo.com/25279346 Cancer: The Forbidden Cures (doesn't really start until 22 minutes into it)
www.vimeo.com/24821365 Burzynski: Cancer is Serious Business (if you know anyone dying of cancer have them watch this!!)
"It seems natural that Shen, 46, would now run for election to city hall.

'It's what I want to do; it's what I want to accomplish,' he says."

Worst reason to run for City Council –– EVER.
This guy is a tool...he doesn't care about issues or people, just wants some power. Obviously doesn't know a thing about the council or the issues. Seattle, don't let the money talk, let this b.s. walk!