More Flop Than Anything

The Mayor's Plan on Whole Foods Already Looks Dead in the Water


The mayor's strategy was only a problem assuming that backroom strategy would have yeilded anything. Since Wholefoods probably isn't going to change their practices over this one location and since the council probably wasn't going to take a stand, the mayor probably got all he could get out of the situation (publicity).
Well then. Good thing more than 60 West Seattle businesses, organizations and neighbors have signed a letter to Rasmussen in support of Mayor McGinn's position. It's still open for signatures on
Here's the live link to the sign on letter:
Sign on letter to Rasmussen
It's already signed by popular West Seattle businesses like Bruce McPherson, West Seattle Produce, Jon Daniels, Seattle Fish Co., and Mike Gubsch of West Seattle Bowl.
Let me get this straight. The City Council is whining because McGinn went to the people he serves - the public - with this rather than work with them to cut some crappy deal behind closed doors? And now they'll side with a wealthy right-wing CEO over workers and good wages merely out of spite? McGinn isn't the flop here. The City Council is.
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@GettingItRight4WS, whose payroll are you on?
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Mr. Mayor , black people are selling fake weed in westlake..please do something about it-
What a yutz.

Whole Foods could merely whisper the possibility of suing the city and this whole zoning "issue" would fall apart like a Chinese motorcycle.