Shelter Beds or Westlake Park

Defunding a Program for Homeless Youth Will Just Put Kids on the Street


"The adult shelters are terrible places—they're scary,"

And yet The Stranger thinks it's ok to put them in residential neighborhoods in Seattle. Funny how it's ok for homeless kids to have homelessphobia but no one else.

"avoid adult shelters for several reasons. They are populated largely with drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill"

Really? I thought they were just filled with folks down on their luck, victims of capitalism? Apparently we should resist them in residential neighborhoods then, thanks Strange
(the Raynier Institute is focusing its funding on supporting artists instead of homeless youth, for instance)

Am I the only one who thinks that's completely fucked up? I'm all for funding the arts and supporting artists, but Jesus Christ.
Awfully glad Sally Clark is working to help. And I too wish the Raynier Foundation would renew the grant, but do appreciate all they do - the foundation has an amazing origin story in one Capitol Hiller's recovery from mental illness and drug dependency.…
Homeless gay youth?

Lambert House on 15th looks pretty quiet these days. Does it still run programs? Would this be a good mission for Lambert House?
So just to clarify, I was at the Orion Center this morning, and this article is actually (and let me be clear, I LOVE the stranger) very very false.
The Orion Center IS NOT shutting down. YouthCare is not falling apart. The budget cuts effect everyone, and there is a slight lack of funds, and one of the shelters, NOT THE ORION CENTER, is closing.
Please realize the mistake that has been made, and hopefully it can be corrected.
On a similar note, this article slaps the Raynier Institute in the face. YouthCare is VERY VERY grateful for the Raynier Institute's contribution, and this article makes their contribution seem like a joke.
Please have more courtesy for YouthCare, and the Raynier Institute.
The shelter portion of the Orion Center IS shutting down. People are losing their jobs, I know this, because some of those people are friends of mine. The Drop-In Center portion of Orion Center IS staying open. It's not like the building is being shuttered. But that's 15 beds that will no longer be open to youth in the coming winter weather.
I can't wait to see this place go away - its just a magnet for problems in the neighborhood in which it resides. They can only take care of a small fraction of the homeless youth that come there for services and the many that are turned away stay close and do nothing but drugs, urinating and pooping on local businesses, piling up trash in and around public walkways and generally getting in and looking for trouble. It has been out of control and all the city "leaders" keep pushing the problem off on each other because no one wants to clean up the situation. Some kids may want and need help - but most just want free food so they can use whatever they have for more drugs.
#8 and just where do you think they will go when the shelters are completely closed? Do you think they will just leave the neighborhood, or go to the suburbs or home? No. They will be in our alley's, carports, entry ways, and breaking into cars to stay warm. They can only take care of a fraction of the youth because we need more shelters like this one. This whole "get off my lawn" thing doesn't work for everything. If you didn't want to see garbage, filth, and down on their luck youth than perhaps the country side is more to your liking. We live in a major metropolitan city. These kids and homeless issues are not just going to go away.

But no you're's way better to keep things clean and tidy than to deal with actual human issues. Or pretend that we don't have a serious homeless youth problem. As long as it looks good outside your front door right? You are a heartless human being.
I was one of those kids til a year and a half ago when I got pregnant with my daughter because of the help of one Orion center case manager me and my fiance have a apartment, full time jobs, and no longer rely on the states help to take care of our daughter we are fully self sufficient and without Orion I would have lost my daughter and probably just given up
@10: How 'bout they go to work? Unemployment is around 5% in King County. Not much worse North and South.

Shave you beard (or your legs), cut your hair, dress like a normal person, speak The King's English when trying to sell your labor, and you have a pretty good chance around here.
""The adult shelters are terrible places—they're scary,"

Why do you insist on placing them in residential neighborhoods in Seattle then?
I will never understand the mindset that treats homelessness not as a human tragedy but as an infestation.
18 to 24 year olds are adults.

The state thriught the legislature is obligated to care for children not under the control of a parent or guardian but the legislature and the taxpayers would rather they sleep on the streets or be given care by do-gooders.
@12 - Please explain how to do the activities you mentioned on a daily basis when you have no home. I'd love to know where you think it's going to happen and since it's just that easy, per you, it'd be great of you could provide information where it can be done and when. Remember, they're going to be expected to be at work on time every day, freshly showered and shaven.

Let's assume our hypothetical homeless youth is a 19 year old male and they got a job in the service industry flipping burgers. He works 7am-4pm, Wednesday through Sunday. He has no car. Also note that he won't get their first paycheck for three weeks.

Remember, i want location, service he'll use, and times he'll use them that won't conflict with his work schedule. Should be no problem, right? Can't wait to hear your answer!
Hey asswipe at #12, if you're pushing the King's English (which BTW is the Queen's English right now until Charles or William ascends the thrown) learn how to spell!! It's "labour" not labor your fucking right-wing hack.
BTW, I know Phil Eaton and the guy is nothing but a fucking homophobic asshole. He'd equate helping a homeless shelter that helps homeless GLBTQ youth as the same as helping child rapists.

So don't expect his kind to step in and help.

An old guy rubs a 21 year old's tummy -- and he doesn't get the crap beat out of him?!


As a patron, supporter and advocate for the arts, I'm always encouraging more support in that area, but I agree with your point: these kids need help NOW, and shifting funding away from them and to artists just seems wrong. Artists understand what it's like to struggle , but I think many would also be the first ones to petition the Raynier Foundation to keep supporting Orion and its programs.


I thought the post was pretty clear in identifying the specific program(s) being cut, and that it was not the entire Orion Center that was shutting down.

As for the "slap in the face", well, that's a matter of perspective I guess, as again the post simply states that Raynier will no longer be supporting at-risk youth programs at Orion and why, a reason which, as I stated above, I personally believe is regrettable on their part.

Dear @8:

Congratulations on joining the ranks of SLOG Trogs Seattle Blues, Raindrop, Loveschild, SROTU et al - your handle shall henceforth and forever be associated with your fellow compassionless mental midgets; hope you feel proud of your accomplishment.
“I will never understand the mindset that treats homelessness not as a human tragedy but as an infestation.”

Well, according to our homeless yoots, this is why:

"The adult shelters are terrible places—they're scary"

"They are populated largely with drug addicts, alcoholics, and the mentally ill"

Or do these homeless yoots suffer from homeless phobia?
Well how about that. All this talk of doing good and not one mention of donating in the post or in the comments. I just donated. Man up.
Please don't feed the trolls, any of them.
why are these kids still in "the system" after a year plus on the streets?? something is clearly not effective about ANY OF THIS
Time for the entire Seattle 'homeless population' to head south and join all the other Snowbirds in California, Arizona, Las Vegas, and other warmer, drier areas.
@8 I walk by them every day at the center. It's just down the street from me. Are they rowdy? Sure. Still I've never been harassed or accosted and more or less I'm glad they have somewhere to go. Is the bar crowd in Pike and Pine several times more rowdy and destructive? You bet but they are welcome and yet these handful are not welcome?

They are welcome in my neighborhood and I will be sad if they get the boot.

You on the other hand? You are not welcome. Get out of my neighborhood with your un-neighborly attitude.
I'm going to talk to the Sisters I work for and see if we can give them some money. That they are having to close the overnight shelter in winter is particularly awful.
Yes, Cienna, it is the evil local business community that the issue here.

On complex social issues you have all the perception of a head of lettuce.
Once you turn 18, you're not a "kid."
If you want to help the youth that use the orion center every day in a real and important way, they need supplies to give the kids who depend on them for food, personal hygiene, and all the little things we take for granted.

Amazon makes it easy. This is the 'needs' wishlist for the orion center. You can buy supplies, food, books, gift cards, underwear, feminine hygiene products. There are several needs wishlists in the right panel.…

This is absolutely wrong. Why was there a proposition on the November ballot to fund election campaigns and nothing to fund places like the Orion Centre? I'd much rather see my property taxes go to something like this than people vying for public office.