And... Cut!

KOMO-TV's New Right-Wing Owner Slashes Newsroom


Wow man thanks for that insight. I'm new here in Seattle and have worked for major and small press over the years. I hope they do file a Grievance with the NLRB and hope the matter is contested and successfully litigated.
Speaking of buyouts, did Gannett ever complete acquisition of KING from Belo, did the sale fall through, or was it blocked?…
Their ratings will drop for sure. Seattle is no place for a republican leaning homophobic, racist neanderthal news outlet. Will not patronize them anymore in fact I will bash them every chance I get.
Thanks for validating for me that my feeling there's been a shift in tone at KOMO News is accurate.

KOMO News (TV and radio) is no longer welcome in this Seattle household.
So KOMO is anti-HOMO. Going to make a nice tag!
Why doesn't the Stranger do an online daily local news? It would have to be better than any of the other local "news". Please skip having the stupid reporting "live" from the location BS and cover real issues. It would be cool to have a Democracy Now! like entity covering local issues, and the Stranger would be the best crew to do it!
Meh, I'm so right, FOX news is left wing.

KOMO? Meh squared.

Don't have cable, can't get broadcast signals since they went digital.

Have we started to talk about programs that will help lift people out of poverty yet?

I am getting tired of being the only one at the meetings.
Further dumbs down a catastrophic decline in "news."

I worked as a News Director in Washington and Oregon for several years, "back in the day" when news gathering employed a note pad and tape recorder.

Now, I fear, the news room is full of zombies, playing video games ....
Further dumbing down of "news." Back in the day, news reporters asked the Basic Questions; Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?

Now news reporters just ask What (if that). Losers one and all, to be sure, but we consumers are being screwed.
Tyree -- didn't some Chicago newspaper just fire all its news photographers because its reporters have iPhones? One can only dread the schlock photojournalism that now will be thrown at its readers.

All the fears about technology that arose mid-20th century have come to fruition in the 21st century. Even now there are developers dreaming of replacing all Homo sapiens (except themselves, their families, and their cronies) with electronics and code.

The evolution of technology has led to the de-evolution of the human race in so many incalculable ways. What's sadder still is that the younger generations (who are the most addicted to it) have no idea what's been lost to them.
I drove by the main offices for KOMO about 1:30 this p.m. and saw about 20 Seattle Police officers monitoring a group of picketers outside their building. I hope these picketers send a message to the owners, SBG, that we don't want them in Seattle. They belong down South where the republican voter base is, there are too many educated, intelligent people in Seattle to listen to their right wing propaganda. It's vomit and it falls on deaf ears, nobody in Seattle wants this kind of garbage and I will not listen to KOMO or support any of their advertising affiliates

Wonder if the news anchors will stay ( if not let go)? I won't be watching, but interesting to see if on air employees revolt about all this.
I want this post to remain unnamed.

I know a lot of people dislike local news and for valid reasons. I hope whoever reads this that the people in the newsroom are the most diverse group in all the stations in Seattle. So to think KOMO will push homophobic propaganda you should not fear. Upper management is mostly seated by gay/lesbian folks.

As for right wing propaganda? Know that the people who work at KOMO are the same people before the ax fell and really do their best to be balanced.

Sinclair does require all stations to broadcast content during their newscast and I personally have seen it and feel it is bias and heavy right sided. That question was the first question posed by employees during the first meeting with upper upper management.

I want to leave you with this last and final thought. There are good people working at KOMO and although a lot of great people have been cut I think it is important to know that those that work there live among you. We may have new owners but we still have our news judgment. You may or may not like it at times and I understand.

I came to KOMO many years ago and each day strive to do the best I can everyday.

I am not happy with what happened and I know many at KOMO are sick as well. So I feel the same pain as many of you.

Thank you Stranger for your work. It's good to have papers like yours and many others to check the facts of other stations. The more there are the better and most factual information will come to light.
Also, aren't these private entities, like Sinclair, using OUR airwaves to make money and spread mendacious propaganda all at the same time?

Doesn't Sinclair have to represent to the FCC that they are always acting in the best interests of the community and not just their own financial and/or economic interest?

Do we have a real FCC anymore? How can Sinclair STILL be holding their licenses after the type of outrageous actions you've outlined above?

When and where did the FCC ever turn down a station applying for a license? And what would it take---24/7 streaming underage porno? OR timely and consistently fair coverage of working people's issues?---for that license to be revoked?
4th&John, I work for a large company that is owned by an even larger company overseas and I understand where you are coming from. We all need a paycheck and leaving the blinders on at work is a sad commentary for a lot people nowadays. If the current KOMO crew can steer the news to the middle of the road I'm sure that will satisfy the owners, but if they try and push for a political agenda I would tell them that you were looking for a job when you came here and would have no problem moving on to a more "balanced" news outlet.