This Is What Bipartisanship Looks Like?

Democrat Works with GOP to Cut Homeless Program


When your conservatism surprises Don Benton, you've gone off the fucking deep end.
If Utah can do this, anyone should be able to:…
Why hasn't this shameless action been picked up by any of the other media in our state?
Tom and Angel should be publicly flogged. This is eff'd up...
don't make steve hobbs out to be an angel .. don't forget his roadkill causus. he is up for reelection and at that time works hard to appear as a democrate
Cut Tom and Angel!! Period! And, while we're at serious overhauling of state government, oust Doug "Mr. Pig Trough" Ericksen, pro-gun nutjob Jason Overstreet, and his right-wingnut hand puppet, Vincent Buys Votes.
It looks like a drunk hobo?
Rodney Tom thinks the homeless are pawns in a political game and wants to help out bankers and real estate companies instead. Email him if you think differently.…
There is no bi-partisanship. republicans do not know how to play well with others, it's their way or the highway and that is what is going to cost them the elections in 2014 and 2016.