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Good riddance, Rodney Turncoat Tom, you fucking scumbag pig!
Take Tim Sheldon, Pam Roach, and Doug Ericson with you!
re @1, continued:...and here's hoping your kidney stones DO hit you in your sorry ass on your way out!
Can we get more fun, interesting stories please? The Stranger is really becoming just a boring ad-filled excuse for average writers to babble on about their political views and BORING opinion pieces!! Even the great Charles Mudede (spelling?) isn't entertaining anymore!!!
The Stranger used to be fun as hell to read with brilliant special interest stories and hilarious observations, now it's becoming just the same old BORING crap over and over and over!!! Take a break from this fucking minimum wage shit. By the way, people who have LOUSY work ethics , refuse to work up to speed, call in sick too much, are rude to customers, and don't take their job seriously DO NOT DESERVE $15.00/hr.
I'm just sincerely hoping Rodney Turncoat Tom truly keeps his word, however unreliable, and not only doesn't run for re-election, but takes Tim Sheldon, Doug Ericson, Jason Overstreet and Vincent Buys with him.
It would be far,far more difficult for somebody to pose as a Socialist,then turncoat. O.O ---- (L)