News May 14, 2014 at 4:00 am

The Mayor's $15-Minimum-Wage Legislation Is "a House of Cards," and That May Be Its Greatest Strength


Having Seattle raise the minimum wage to the highest level in US history is an experiment on our town.

This is not only the highest minimum wage in US history, but quite possibly the world. See article (…).

I hope it all falls like a house of cards. I dont like experiments on my city.
Yes, Nic, you might have to pay a little more for coffee and booze in your trendy little neighborhood, god forbid people make a living wage... How much do you par your rent boy?
Every time someone comes out and days they are concerned about the impact $15 hr will have on everyone, or question the wisdom of this plan being the most effective way if dealing with poverty people like Arthur villianize them. If you don't blindly agree you are clearly a shitty person, who must also be making tons of money. It is beyond weird to have supported many of the movements to make life better for everyone including the underprivileged, only to be judged, heckled, and even called a troll just for questioning something that is considered by many to be radical, and possibly reckless. It's ugly business.
@2 Certainly folks in the middle class who won't be getting raises in this proposal don't need any sympathy from folks making MW. But it's not like a lot of people in the middle can or will pay more for such things, at least not without cutting back someplace else. When my rent increase outpaced my raise, I cut back spending on other things. Raise the price of daycare, and someone for whom daycare is essential will cut back on something else - or find a cheaper alternative, which for many things will be as easy and as close as the city limits.

The magnitude of the proposed MW increase will only succeed if the spenders can and will absorb it. If they don't, traffic in the shops and restaurants will go down, they'll need to employ fewer people. That'll ultimately be the trade-off.

And that is the gamble here. It'll be interesting to see how it ultimately plays out. But I'll be one who won't be paying a little more - that's outside of my budget.

Due the lack of federal and state enforcement for illegals working off the books--this law is useless. It will incentivize businesses hiring illegals. Good job!
With the exception of my fellow Leftist - Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant - all the actors at City Hall are weathervane/opportunists. Expect a ballot within months. ---
Where do the so-called "unions" on this bourgie plan? Affordable-shelter advocates? (like the WLIHA? The Tenants' Union of Washington State?).Hell, where does the SHA,the KCHA,Porchlight, and Plymouth Housing Group fall?NAACP?La Raza? Youth-advocacy groups?The VA? The National Urban League? Students'-rights groups?All those groups should be championing a livable wage! (if they are not).

Opportunists aligned with the bourgeoisie?

No. Silly communist. Perhaps, like the citizens of Switzerland, they know that loosing opportunity to work and gain skills is exactly what keeps people in poverty.…

Best NYT quote, “If the initiative had been accepted, it would have led to workplace losses, especially in rural areas where less-qualified people have a harder time finding jobs. The best remedy against poverty is work.”

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