Religious Fanatic Claims to Have Murdered Gay Men

Ali Muhammad Brown Says He Shot Dwone Anderson-Young and Ahmed Said Because the US Is "Evil"


"I think he is a serial killer and he's using this jihadist language as a justification for the people that he killed," says Jeff Siddiqui of American Muslims of Puget Sound. "I think he's trying to create righteousness out of an evil... it's no different from the people who killed Sikhs and said they did it because they want to protect America. There's no difference." This is right on the button. "Evil". What IS Evil? Can anyone really describe it? Is there a full-on, one-size-fits-all term for it? No, but because everyone uses it to describe everyhing bad in the world, the clueless, the uneducated or the just plain idiots of the world who have no idea in which to frame what the word (which I would say is 99 percent of the world), just use it as a justification for revenge and killing, which unto itself is "evil". Maybe if people picked up more books instead of guns and swords the term and acts of "evil" will diminish.
@1 "... everyone uses it to describe everything bad in the world ...". So you read this article and get bent out of shape because someone refers to the concept of evil, and then proceed to make a series of unsubstantiated blanket statements that highlight your over simplified view of the world. Points for irony.

I'd like to see mainstream media coverage start to really discuss how the dehumanizing language of non-violent homophobes (the Santorums of the world) implicitly supports violence towards the LGBTQ community.
Thank you for publishing this follow up. I had the privilege of interviewing Dwone for an IT job at the UW. He was an intelligent and charming young man. I was sickened when I read about his senseless death. Knowing that his killer has been caught and will soon face justice helps bring some closure. My heart goes out to his family and friends.
failing to register as a sex offender.

This guy's a fucking sex offender, but it's the U.S. that's evil. Does anyone have any info on what he did?
My question is: WHY IS THAT ASS WIPE STILL ALIVE? All that is needed is a $0.35 bullet and my happy trigger finger!!!
Really terrible,my heart goes out to the families. I was waiting for an update about these murders. I'm glad to hear the pyscho was caught. To me there's not much point trying to understand, he was crazy and wanted a reason to murder people and he found one, plenty more people like him roaming Iraq as we speak.