Five Things Washington State Needs That Our Republican-Controlled Senate Isn't Eager to Give Us

(Plus One Thing—Better Pot Laws!—That They Might Get Behind)


Close all those needless loopholes. --- (and CALL your state senator and your two state representatives. Demand they do your bidding. -- ).
To the authors: the Dems did NOTHING when they had majorities in both chambers ( ditto for their CONgressional counterparts): to give them a Free Moral Pass is biased ( and I say that as a Socialist! --- & & & & & ).
i find it funny that with the skyrocketing rents and wage stagnation of people who actually do the working, serving and paying of taxes in this state and specifically Seattle are ignored. If you think its bad now, wait until it becomes so unaffordable that the working class start leaving the state for other prospects. I know after 20 years, Im biting the bullet and looking. Then all those needs of the general public can be paid by the developers who created this disaster. Have fun Detroit - I mean - Seattle
First, the Supreme Court has no enforcement mechanism and, really, no business telling the legislature what to do.

The legislature, on the other hand, has authority over the purse and ought to zero out all funding for the Supreme Court: salaries, heat, light, janitorial service and
There is PLENTY of cash to go around. It is just being flushed by the billions on things like the tunnel. Prioritize and REDUCE taxes.
All of these problems require money to solve. So if you don't want to pony up the cash, if you like bleating about taxes, than shut the fuck up.
#3 no no no, not Detroit, no major industry is going to up and leave in the near future, The Emerald City's destiny is San Francisco, or Vancouver BC, where rich hipster techs and establishment money live and rule the roost, and the hired help is bussed in from the hinterland kingdoms, Renton, Kent, Auburn, Tukwila(sp), Kenmore, The South End, etc....nobody is leaving glorious inner core redux Seattle except the workers but they'll still be close enough to arrive in time to scrub the shit splatters from the rich hipster toilets. Amen, and, as always, God Bless America!!!
@7 you mean then stfu not than.
@2 is spot on.

How can the Stranger pine for these kinds of progressive measures and still endorse Frank Chopp with a straight face?

This and the previous legislature have had the 'majority coalition' to blame, but what about all those years of solid Democratic control? These aren't new problems we're dealing with.